Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Party Recap and Festive Activities

Happy Halloween everyone! I just love holidays! I make sure to celebrate each one so I can spread out the holiday seasons!
This past Saturday we hosted a Halloween-themed football viewing party to cheer on the Dawgs (MSU), Gators, Vols, and Clemson Tigers. The adults didn't dress up, but the furry children did! Zoe wore her skeleton costume with candy corn bandana and Liza's dog Daisy dressed up like a lady bug. They were so cute!

Amanda and I made the desserts:
Oreo balls, chocolate chip pumpkin bread (I'll be posting the recipe to this soon!) and Amanda's delicious caramel apple cupcakes! All so festive and tasty!
The recipe to Amanda's cupcakes can be found here

I made these BOO letters, inspired by Pinterest
I also had yummy pumpkin candles burning and my Halloween kitchen towels!
Zoe loves when people come over-she LOVES friends
Here she is with Amanda! (I think Zoe was wondering why the Gators weren't on yet!)
Zoe and her dad!
Emily and her husband Eric came and brought delicious pulled pork! It was so yummy and perfect for football watching supper! We also had tons of appetizers: buffalo chicken wrapped in eggroll wrappers (when you bake them they turn crunchy), potato skins, and two kinds of wings Liza and Matt brought!
Emily also made tasty fall-themed beverages: apple cider, champagne, and a cinnamon stick! Yum!
Liza and Matt!
Emily and Eric! Go Teams!

Yesterday we had kind of a low key day with a trip to the new TJ Maxx in Columbus (yay!), Old Navy, then working on paper revisions and watching The Corpse Bride. This morning we woke up and went for a run!

My Halloween running outfit! Zoe wore her bandana too
Zach didn't have an orange shirt so he wore green...kinda like Frankenstein?

Tonight we are going to pass out candy to any trick-or-treaters that come and sit back, relax, and watch my favorite Halloween movies:
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Hocus Pocus!
I'll also be having a glass of apple cider and a few pieces of candy!
Happy Halloween y'all!!

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  1. So jealous. It sounds like your night will be fun. I on the meantime am working on project with distillation columns for Unit Operation Lab.

  2. love all of your halloween decorations!