Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is my first blog...
I'm just sitting here in my office and enjoying the weather and having my windows open and listening to some Kenny Chesney. I'm thinking of doing a Project 10 that I've seen a lot recently on Twitter and Youtube. A Project 10 (usually Project 10 pan) is where you don't buy any new makeup products until you've hit the "pan"/finished up 10 products. I think I'm going to do a version of this for hair products. I have probably 5 or 6 different kinds of shampoo and conditioner right now! I also really want to take some time and organize my closet. It's pretty clean to begin with but my shoes are everywhere on the bottom :)
I've got some time still before a meeting so...maybe Ins and Outs?

Summer weather: Starkville has had such nice weather recently (except Monday). I love having all my windows and sunroof open and driving around with my music on!

Big sunglasses: I still love my huge sunglasses. I have a Coach pair, a Dior pair, and a Kate Spade pair. Today I'm wearing my Diors. I love wearing them it (especially during above said activity) :)

Sundresses: The ultimate summer wardrobe staple. My mom sent me 2 as a surprise yesterday! It made my whole week! (And also made me miss my family even more!) They were from favorite store!

Liars: I've had enough of that in my life recently and I am sooooo done with putting up with people who lie to me. I've finally realized that they aren't worth my time and I'm much happier without them.

My hair: This is kind of weird to be an "out" but I can't stand my hair right now. It is growing way too slow! I also need a color change...any ideas let me know! :)

Later y'all!

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