Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: Pumpkin Picking!

This weekend, Zach and I went to Jackson to see his family and do some shopping. We had a really relaxing, fun weekend. I have so much more fun when I give up on a schedule and stop worrying about time.
Here we are with our pumpkins! My dress is really burnt orange but it looks red compared to the bright orange pumpkins.

Hehe I made Zach pose with the farmer photo board.

Autumnal outfits and one of our pumpkins! I can't wait to carve them this week!

We also got a few little pumpkins that I decorated with gold glitter.
It's Fall Y'all! They will be my centerpiece this weekend for our Halloween-Football Viewing Party!

The lovely cool temperatures (that will be returning to MS Wednesday! Yay!) have sure made it feel like fall this month. I'm loving it and loving running in the seasonal, festive weather!

Since MSU and UF were both on byes this week, I didn't tailgate this weekend. We did listen to the Clemson game while driving (Yay Go Tigers! 8-0!) and also watched the Tennessee-Alabama game on TV while eating yummy homemade ribs. I loved the first half but what the heck UT-it seemed like a different team was playing the second half!

How was your weekend? How did your teams do?

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  1. The gold glitter looks awesome on the pumpkin. It sounds like you had fun. I've only carved pumpkins once in my life.

  2. It looks like you guys had a great weekend and I love the dress you're wearing. It's very fall. The pictures from pumpkin picking came out nice and the glitter pumpkins are super cute!

  3. I wasn't sure if you would receive it if I replied to your comment on my blog. But totally! I'm sure there are other runner ChemEs. Then we can make bucketfuls of money by having a successful start-up. :)