Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favorite Runnin' Gear

These are my favorite things to run/work out in:

From the top left corner:

Asics Gel Kayanos: My all time favorite running shoe! I am very prone to shin splints and I have never gotten them with these shoes! My first pair I got when I was 14 and I’ve never looked back!

Fuel Belt: I use my Fuel Belt on long runs and all the time in the summer. I like how it’s adjustable with straps and also the velcro close. I wish it had a clip close, but hey it was free from my mom so I’ll take it! It’s great for the 6 mile and down distance…I was kind of thirsty on the longer runs and wished I had more water.

iPhone: I rock out to my music while running and I also love the running apps! My favorites are iMap My Run + and RunKeeper. I also love the Electric Miles app for syncing up with Daily Mile!

Asics Women’s Core Shimmel Singlet: This is my favorite sleeveless running top. It’s long, which I love, and super lightweight. Perfect!

Middle row, from right:

Under Armour Coldgear Running Tights: These are really durable and keep my legs warm in the winter. Keep in mind I live in Mississippi so I can’t vouch for how these work in snowy/way colder climates!

Nike Seamless Sports Top: I think this is one of the cuter running tops I’ve seen. It has a really cute criss-cross back.

Powerbar Gel: I use this during long runs and occasionally split one with Zach during shorter runs if I’m needing extra fuel/energy (sometimes the pre-run graham crackers don’t cut it!). I stick to the Powerbar brand because GU doesn’t sit well with me.

Asics Quad Running Shorts: I LOVE these shorts. I know everyone is all about the Nike shorts but those ride up like crazy on me. I do wear them, just with spandex underneath. These shorts don’t ride up as much and I prefer the material they are made of over the Nike ones. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Bottom row, from left:

Under Armour sports bra: Under Armour makes very…supportive…bras. I think y’all get the hint.

Bic Bands: I must have a weird shaped head because regular wrap around sports headbands don’t stay put on my head more than 5 minutes. Bic Bands are awesome and really do stay put! I wear the “thin” width usually (I know you’ve seen my zebra one) because it stays in place better than the skinny width.

Amusing Nike Dri-Fit Shirts: I love shirts that crack me up. And Nike makes a whole slew of them. The “My feet hurt…” is definitely my favorite. I get awesome responses from people when I wear it.

Zoe!: I definitely think my sweet girl running pal is an essential! She’s my buddy :) (Zach is essential too, of course!)

I’d love to know what y’alls favorite running/workout gear is! I’ve found some of my favorites through other people’s suggestions and I look forward to seeing what tops your list!

**This “favorites list” is compiled 100% by me. I received no compensation to feature these products and all were bought with personal money. I just love this stuff!**

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