Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Party Recap and Festive Activities

Happy Halloween everyone! I just love holidays! I make sure to celebrate each one so I can spread out the holiday seasons!
This past Saturday we hosted a Halloween-themed football viewing party to cheer on the Dawgs (MSU), Gators, Vols, and Clemson Tigers. The adults didn't dress up, but the furry children did! Zoe wore her skeleton costume with candy corn bandana and Liza's dog Daisy dressed up like a lady bug. They were so cute!

Amanda and I made the desserts:
Oreo balls, chocolate chip pumpkin bread (I'll be posting the recipe to this soon!) and Amanda's delicious caramel apple cupcakes! All so festive and tasty!
The recipe to Amanda's cupcakes can be found here

I made these BOO letters, inspired by Pinterest
I also had yummy pumpkin candles burning and my Halloween kitchen towels!
Zoe loves when people come over-she LOVES friends
Here she is with Amanda! (I think Zoe was wondering why the Gators weren't on yet!)
Zoe and her dad!
Emily and her husband Eric came and brought delicious pulled pork! It was so yummy and perfect for football watching supper! We also had tons of appetizers: buffalo chicken wrapped in eggroll wrappers (when you bake them they turn crunchy), potato skins, and two kinds of wings Liza and Matt brought!
Emily also made tasty fall-themed beverages: apple cider, champagne, and a cinnamon stick! Yum!
Liza and Matt!
Emily and Eric! Go Teams!

Yesterday we had kind of a low key day with a trip to the new TJ Maxx in Columbus (yay!), Old Navy, then working on paper revisions and watching The Corpse Bride. This morning we woke up and went for a run!

My Halloween running outfit! Zoe wore her bandana too
Zach didn't have an orange shirt so he wore green...kinda like Frankenstein?

Tonight we are going to pass out candy to any trick-or-treaters that come and sit back, relax, and watch my favorite Halloween movies:
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Hocus Pocus!
I'll also be having a glass of apple cider and a few pieces of candy!
Happy Halloween y'all!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turkey Trot 5K Recap!

This morning Zach and I ran the Turkey Trot 5k at MSU. I think it's funny they called it a Turkey Trot before Halloween, but due to MSU's home football game schedule this November, I guess this was the only weekend.
The morning was CHILLY! We started running at 8 am. The course was really nice and went around the campus. I love seeing the changing leaves in Starkville! I ran at an easy, comfortable pace since we are running our (FIRST) half marathon next weekend (YAY)! I was enjoying myself the whole time by listening to College Sports Radio and looking at the pumpkins that were left around campus! I finished strong and passed a couple people before the finish!
I wished I had gloves!

Zach's FIRST RACE EVER! So proud!

We are having a Halloween-themed football viewing party today to watch the Florida-Georgia game, Mississippi State-Kentucky game. We will also be switching back and forth to catch some of Tennessee-South Carolina and Clemson-Georgia Tech.

Go GATORS! Beat those Dawgs!

Have a great Saturday!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall at MSU and Pumpkin Carving!

I had quite the fall festivity filled day today. After working from home all day, Zach and I decided to go for a walk around campus and a Halloween festival that was going on in the Junction. The festival was mostly for kids, but it was fun to see their cute costumes and they LOVED Zoe. Here Zoe is in her Halloween costume!
The cutest furry skeleton around
Zach and Zo on the drill field
Our autumnal ensembles
Little fam in the Junction. I love that Zoe actually looked at the camera!
Me and my pretty girl!

When we got home from campus we made awesome grilled cheese for supper and then started carving our pumpkins!
Zach's job was gutting the pumpkins...squishy innards...ick.
I was the carver

We made an MSU pumpkin because we are having a Halloween themed football watching party this weekend and also a mad scientist because, well..we are nerds.
Below is Bully...I goofed up his mouth...dang. I was trying to make his teeth stick out like bulldogs do.
The other side of Bully's pumpkin has a cowbell on it.
Here is the mad scientist! He has crazy hair, is wearing goggles and a lab coat, and holding a bubbling Erlenmeyer flask.
He also has a beaker.

What did y'all carve or paint on your pumpkins? Let me know I'd love to see them! If you have a pet, do you dress them up for Halloween? What are they and you being?

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: Pumpkin Picking!

This weekend, Zach and I went to Jackson to see his family and do some shopping. We had a really relaxing, fun weekend. I have so much more fun when I give up on a schedule and stop worrying about time.
Here we are with our pumpkins! My dress is really burnt orange but it looks red compared to the bright orange pumpkins.

Hehe I made Zach pose with the farmer photo board.

Autumnal outfits and one of our pumpkins! I can't wait to carve them this week!

We also got a few little pumpkins that I decorated with gold glitter.
It's Fall Y'all! They will be my centerpiece this weekend for our Halloween-Football Viewing Party!

The lovely cool temperatures (that will be returning to MS Wednesday! Yay!) have sure made it feel like fall this month. I'm loving it and loving running in the seasonal, festive weather!

Since MSU and UF were both on byes this week, I didn't tailgate this weekend. We did listen to the Clemson game while driving (Yay Go Tigers! 8-0!) and also watched the Tennessee-Alabama game on TV while eating yummy homemade ribs. I loved the first half but what the heck UT-it seemed like a different team was playing the second half!

How was your weekend? How did your teams do?

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Body Image and the Ongoing Fight with SOCIAL Media

Yesterday was National Love Your Body Day. Even though I'm a day late, this is a topic I have strong opinions about, so a day late it is.

I have never been a size two girl. It's physically impossible. I have hips, thighs, and a butt that prevent me from squeezing into those little jeans. And for many years in high school and early college, it bothered me that I felt so much "bigger" than some of my friends or some of the teeny girls I worked with. My weight fluctuated up really high, then down to a healthy weight, then up really high again once I started grad school. I had a million excuses as to why I had gained so much weight. Once I grew into my own and realized that
1. I needed to get over myself and
2. I love running
I started back up with what I've for years and learned to appreciate my non-perfect, curvy body.

The media makes me so ridiculously angry. And I'm not talking about TV and movies. I'm talking social media.
I saw this gem on Tumblr:
You gotta be f'n kidding me.
The picture below also came from Tumblr.

Here's a social media image for ya:
Thankfully, some media has jumped off the bones are sexy wagon and jumped on this one:

Glamour magazine and Dove have both embraced the campaign for real beauty and select women with all different body types to represent their brands.
And Nike is my favorite, with ads like this:
I got some hips let me tell ya
And a butt
And some thighs

So girls:
PLEASE stop calling yourself FAT. Stop calling your classmates, sorority sisters, coworkers, friends, random people you see on campus FAT. Coming from a been there done that standpoint, girls who are not 95 pounds are NOT FAT. We all are built differently. I am 5'4", with a curvy body with a defined waist...the "hourglass" or "pear". My sister is 5'6", has small legs and a small butt, but carries any excess weight in her stomach. One of my old roommates was 5'8" and stick straight and teeny tiny. We all look different, but we are all beautiful. We are the teachers, engineers, doctors, moms, lawyers, accountants, etc. that are the ones who determine this generation's viewpoint on body image.
Don't ruin the opportunity.

And to the small girls who call themselves fat: Shut up. We both know you aren't fat. Stop fishing for compliments and trying to make your friends feel bad about themselves.

"To all you girls that think you're fat because your not a size 0, you're the beautiful one. It's society who's ugly." - Marilyn Monroe.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Goals

There are lots of things I want to accomplish/enjoy this fall before the craziness of Christmas and New Years traveling commences. I thought it would be fun to share them with y'all to both hold me accountable as well as hear your fall goals!

1. Rock n Roll Savannah 1/2 Marathon:
This event is one I've been looking forward to for months! While my training has not gone as well as anticipated due to my knee injury, I'm going to give this race my best. I'm going to complete my first half marathon and on that day, I will run the best I can for that day. And also enjoy a weekend in Savannah!

2. Start training for my next half! I love running. And I can't wait to do more races! I love having a training plan and a goal to work towards. It's really motivating for me. I also want to make sure I incorporate cross training and weight training into my next round of training. I think it would make me an overall better runner.

3. Successfully defend for my Master's Degree:

So here's an update on the progress of my Master's degree. I was supposed to be done in December. At MSU, a Master's candidate has several milestones they have to complete (successfully) in order to earn their degree. The first is to finish and pass all coursework. Check. The second is to complete research projects. Check. The third is to write a thesis on said research projects. Check. Edit the thesis with your advisor. No check. Send edited thesis to committee members 2 weeks before defense. No check. Defend. No check.

I've completed my thesis and sent it to my advisor for revision. Then she had her baby. And has been kinda MIA/recovering, which is totally understandable. I tried to avoid this situation because I knew she was going to be home for a few weeks post-baby. I guess things just got too swamped on her end because I never got my revisions. Two weeks before the deadline for defense for December graduation came and went. And now I can't graduate in December. Sweet.

But I'm trying to be optimistic in this situation. My thesis will be even better because I have more time to edit it and add any data to supplement the work I've done over the past 2 years. I will be better prepared for my defense with more time, and I will defend before Christmas!

4. Enjoy my last football season as an MSU student and have a great time at the Alabama and Ole Miss games in November! Go Dawgs!

5. Make it to Rocky Top one more time this season!

6. Master the art of football shaped cake balls! I want to make these for the Alabama game!
7. Pick pumpkins, carve them, decorate a Christmas tree, make holiday baked goods...basically enjoy the seasons and celebrate each holiday this fall. Stop stressing out and enjoy the best most exciting time of the year!

I'd love to hear y'alls fall goals! What are you looking forward to this season?

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football Saturday Recap! Mississippi State vs. South Carolina

Yesterday Mississippi State played South Carolina here in Starkville. The game was at 11:21 (yuck) so we got up early, got ready, and were tailgating by 9 am. Normally with student tickets you have to go in right when the gates open to get decent seats, but we headed in at 10:30 and lucked out with awesome seats!
The weather was warm and sunny. I kind of wish it was colder though because I like seasonal weather and Mississippi has been a little too hot for my liking in October.
The team is coming!
The Dawgs scored first but the Gamecocks tied it up and the game was 7-7 at the half...and at the start of the 4th quarter. Then MSU scored a field goal to make the game 10-7 until about 3 minutes or so left in the game. SC scored a touchdown and the score was 10-14. MSU answered by making it to about the 30-yard line...where we should have easily been able to score, but in typical MSU fashion, the QB threw an interception. Why he was trying for such a long throw on the second down with 1:45 left to play I don't know, but I was pretty mad. It is SO HARD to be a State fan sometimes. I'm sick of the high school errors and excuses.
Dawgs, I love you, but you gotta do better.
We had an awesome rest of the afternoon tailgating and enjoying the weather.
Isn't this sign cool?

I also got to meet a blog friend, Brittany from Boots and Pearls! She was in town for the game with her fiance, Randy. They were both so nice and I loved getting to meet her!
Isn't she just too cute?
Zoe also had a blast tailgating. This girl just cracks me up!
And for those who asked, when we are in the game Zoe hangs out in my office on campus! She plays with her bones and a headless zebra until we come get her!

Don't even get me started on my Gators. So sad. This isn't the season I (we all) were hoping for, but in all kinds of weather we all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A.

I was sad Tennessee also lost this weekend but I'd rather see LSU win the SEC than Alabama, so I don't mind as much if they remain undefeated.

And how bout that Clemson game! They pulled out a W right at the end! 7-0 Go Tigers!

How did your teams do this weekend? Did anyone do anything fall-ish? I love seeing fall decor and recipes and adventures!
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