Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall at MSU and Pumpkin Carving!

I had quite the fall festivity filled day today. After working from home all day, Zach and I decided to go for a walk around campus and a Halloween festival that was going on in the Junction. The festival was mostly for kids, but it was fun to see their cute costumes and they LOVED Zoe. Here Zoe is in her Halloween costume!
The cutest furry skeleton around
Zach and Zo on the drill field
Our autumnal ensembles
Little fam in the Junction. I love that Zoe actually looked at the camera!
Me and my pretty girl!

When we got home from campus we made awesome grilled cheese for supper and then started carving our pumpkins!
Zach's job was gutting the pumpkins...squishy innards...ick.
I was the carver

We made an MSU pumpkin because we are having a Halloween themed football watching party this weekend and also a mad scientist because, well..we are nerds.
Below is Bully...I goofed up his mouth...dang. I was trying to make his teeth stick out like bulldogs do.
The other side of Bully's pumpkin has a cowbell on it.
Here is the mad scientist! He has crazy hair, is wearing goggles and a lab coat, and holding a bubbling Erlenmeyer flask.
He also has a beaker.

What did y'all carve or paint on your pumpkins? Let me know I'd love to see them! If you have a pet, do you dress them up for Halloween? What are they and you being?

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  1. Your dog is so cute. Unfortunately I am still not sure what I want to dress up as for Halloween. It snuck up on me. Have fun at the football watching party!

  2. Oh I love your orange scarf! Yall are super cute together! Good job on your pumpkins!