Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Ole Rocky Top! Weekend in Knoxville

This weekend, Zach, Zoe and I made the trek up to Knoxville to watch some UT football!
Jim is in his second year of law school and I try to make it up there for at least one game each season. Last year I went to the UT-UF game (as a Gator of course), but this weekend the Vols played Georgia and I put on some Tennessee orange to cheer on the Vols!
Oh hey, Tennessee.
Zoe loves adventures!

We made it to Knoxville and while Jim was out on a date Zach and I went to Target (LOVE TARGET) and had a fabulous late supper at Brixx. We had delicious grilled pizzas!
Zach got some meat covered concoction pizza and I got the caprese chicken pizza with whole wheat crust, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and chicken. I had pumpkin froyo from a yogurt shop for dessert!
After supper we headed to downtown Knoxville to meet up with Jim and his date in Market Square, which was so cute! We went to a bar and I had Woodchuck Apple Cider (I don't really drink that much haha!), and after a few hours we headed back to the hotel and crashed.
Saturday (GAMEDAY!!) we woke up and made a trip to the outlets in Sevierville, TN.
Is this not a gorgeous view? Maybe we should move to TN when we move next year...
After an extremely fast but successful shopping trip (the place was crowded and we had to go drop Zoe back by the hotel and meet Jim) we headed to Knoxville!
It's Gameday in Tennessee!
We tailgated in Circle Park with Jim's law school friends
Zach and Jim had fun playing beer pong and I just loved the weather and the sights! It was a gorgeous day! (And no lie, I was checking on the scores of other the barely-made-it MSU win and the very saddening loss for my Gators)
Yay Go Vols!
Eventually we made our way towards the stadium!
Go Big Orange! Beat those Dawgs!
Neyland Stadium is amazing!
We had a great night at the game even though I wish the Vols won!
Sunday we met Jim for lunch and I had to get some more pumpkin froyo for the ride out
This time they had apple pie flavored too so I got some of each!

My thoughts on my teams this weekend:
MSU: GET IT TOGETHER. Behind at the half to UAB? Y'all have some WORK to do. I love you Dawgs but you gotta do better.
FLORIDA: Sad Gators :( I know y'all tried but we can't be relying on people being uninjured, etc and not have a plan B right?
CLEMSON: Yay Go Tigers! 6-0 keep it going!
TENNESSEE: What an awesome game! The first half was great why did you fall apart in the second half?

I'm also thrilled that ARKANSAS won and FSU LOST! Haha....Wake Forest?

How was y'alls weekend? Did your team win?
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  1. I appreciate that although you were there rooting on Tenn, you were sporting your gator orange :)

  2. i need to find a place around here that has pumpkin froyo! i can only imagine how delicious it is!! gotta keep checking the store downtown.

  3. I love my Vols! We only make it to about one game a season these days since M coaches on Friday nights but it always makes me giddy. I live 90 miles NE of Knox (in the corner of the state) and live in the mountains but they will always take my breath away!

  4. That pizzaq looks amazing!! It looks like y'all had a great weekend. Sorry your UT AND my UT didn't win! We got smoked by OU. I guess there's always next year. :)

  5. Hi! I am Lauren ( coming from the Belles of Saturday link up and I would recognize that hot pink spoon anywhere! Mmm. MENCHIES!!!