Sunday, January 20, 2013

I just keep going, and going, and going

What a whirlwind of a few weeks! So sorry for my disappearance! I’ve been going and going like the energizer bunny and this is the first weekend I’ve been home since before Christmas!
I left y’all off with my bridal shower recap :)
The weekend after that post, Zach and I headed to Jacksonville to see my sweet beautiful grandmother.
My family learned right before Christmas that she had stage 4 cancer. Within one month, God called her home to be with my grandfather. I miss her terribly-she was such a wonderful friend and a beautiful person. She was just such a loving, wonderful person who was so very much looking forward to my wedding. I hate that she’ll miss it in person-more for her than for me. I know she was so thrilled. But, she’ll have the best seat in the house! Watching from above with my grandfather. I’m glad she and him will get to watch together.
When we went to Florida, she did have the strength to open her eyes and see me and Zach. She knew we were there, which was so special to me. I had brought my wedding gown to put on for her since I know she wanted to see it, but I wasn’t sure if she would be able to get the strength to look. My mom and aunts told me to put it on for her (Zach left the room) and she opened her eyes and smiled and I knew she was so happy to see it, which meant the world to me :) She mouthed the words “Oh my God” and I knew she loved seeing it. It was so so special to me. I’ll never forget it. My mom and aunts were so happy as well. It meant a lot to all of us. Three days later, she passed away.
Having a packed already-planned schedule was tough when all I wanted to do was lay in my bed at home. After working all week (there is a memorial planned for the beginning of February, just so no one thinks I didn’t attend any services or anything), Zach and I went to Charleston for a weekend of wedding planning. We met with the pastor, I had my hair and makeup trial, and we met with the DJ. On Friday and Saturday nights, we enjoyed Restaurant Week with Caitlin and her brother, Jack. We went to Magnolia’s on Friday and Slightly North of Broad on Saturday. Both restaurants were fantastic-it was so much fun to try out two new places! I also missed Caitlin like crazy! :)
This past week was busy as well with work as usual, and on Friday, Scott came to visit and we headed to downtown Greenville for dinner. Zach and I always look for the hidden bronze mice when we are downtown (there are 9 bronze mice hidden around downtown Greenville from the book “Mice on Main”) and we found another one this trip!
photo2I think they are too precious!
Saturday morning I ran my first race of 2013-the Greenville News Downtown 5k!
photo3It was freeeeezing but overall it was a good course, well organized, and a fun race! I wasn’t feeling 100% so I didn’t finish with my best time, but overall I enjoyed running around our beautiful city!
Saturday afternoon Zach, Scott and I stocked up on supplies at Home Depot and got to work-we have several DIYs we are working on for the wedding this weekend! Only 55 days to go! More details to come on Wedding Wednesday:)

Happy Sunday everyone!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- A Very Pink Bridal Shower!

Having the week of Christmas off from work gave me lots of extra time surrounded by my mom, sister, and wonderful friends to check some wedding to-dos off my list as well as celebrate our upcoming wedding and marriage.
I was able to help my mom choose her mother-of-the-bride dress, which we found at a local bridal salon and love!! It really looks amazing on her. I am so glad I was able to help her pick her dress! The same day, I finally got a veil! I tried on dozens of veils before I found one I really loved. The bridal salon I was at happened to have my gown in stock so I was able to hold the veil up and see how it went with the gown. It was amazing-the veil looked like it was made for that dress!
I also got all of my wedding invitations put together and stuffed inside the envelopes! Amanda and I stamped all of the response card envelopes with our address stamp as well as put postage on all the response card envelopes.

We also embossed belly bands to wrap around our invitations, response cards, and rehearsal dinner invitations. Embossing 80 belly bands is no easy task!

On Saturday, my mom and sister threw me a bridal shower with some of my closest friends and family members. I had such an amazing time getting to see so many people that are so special to me!
IMG_0864Bride to be!
IMG_0800Pictures of Zach and I.

Just part of the spread of food!
IMG_0882Wedding cake cookies!
IMG_0881Funfetti (my favorite!) cupcakes with rose swirl and bride and groom paper people.

Wedding bells donut cake (amazing…there are no words).

Personalized m&ms!!

The details in the decor were amazing! Pink and white lights and pink and gold balloons!
IMG_0811m&m candy favors in mini jars for the guests!

Beautiful pink flowers from my sweet grandmother!IMG_0843With 4 of my beautiful bridesmaids! From left, Amanda, me, Chelsea, Danielle, and Brianna!

With my bow bouquet for the rehearsal.

Having fun with Amanda, Chelsea, and my aunt Mary Kate (who came from Florida for the shower!!).
Like my MS shower, I was absolutely spoiled by all my friends and family. We were given such beautiful gifts. They all put so much thought and time into the gifts they gave us and were so absolutely generous. I’m so grateful they are here to celebrate this exciting time for us!
Only 73 more days to go!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012-A Year of Great Change!

2012 was such a great year! I feel like I’ve experienced so many things and I’m so grateful to be where I am now.
In January, we rang in the New Year with great friends Dan and Caitlin in Charleston:
And I ran my second half marathon:
IMG_3764In February, I did a lot of wedding planning and a lot of thesis/defense preparation:
IMG_4314In March, I passed my defense:
And we chose a wedding date and took our engagement pictures at MSU:
cornell_eng_031 (ZF-6363-18087-1-017)
In April, we celebrated Easter:
Took our engagement pictures in Charleston:
And had an engagement party:
In May, I graduated from MSU:
And got my wedding dress (no pictures of that though!)
In June, we went to Greenville and I accepted a job:
We also did some wedding planning and friend time in Charleston :) :
And at the very end of June, we said goodbye to Starkville and moved to Greenville:
In July, we celebrated the 4th with great friends in Charleston:
I turned 25:
And two days later, so did Zach:
I also started work:
In August, I spent a lot of time adjusting to my new schedule and exploring our new city:
In September, we started the month out right with friends and football:
Amanda visited and we went to a Clemson game:
And we went to a Tennessee game with Jim and Margot:
In October, we cheered on the Dawgs in Starkville:
In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving and I had my first bridal shower:
And in December, we celebrated one year of being engaged:
Celebrated Christmas as a little family with my family:
I had my second bridal shower:
And Zoe saw snow for the first time!:
2013 is sure to be an amazing year. It’s our wedding year (!!) plus an exciting year for the people in our lives as well as a great year to reach some goals I’ve set for myself. I’ll be posting about those later this week. I hope you all enjoyed an amazing New Year’s Eve and a restorative and relaxing New Year’s Day to begin 2013. Happy New Year y’all!
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