Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Road Trip Detour: Lookout Mountain, GA

Zach and I (and Zoe of course) had a fun little adventure on our way home from Knoxville. We were driving through Chatanooga and thought the mountains were just amazing and we wanted to see them from the top! So we headed up Lookout Mountain!
We stopped at a small state park and walked around the paths.
The park was adorable. It had a gazebo, cannons, stone steps leading to a small museum with Civil War artifacts. So cool!
Zoe loved running around in the grass.
I loved the fall foliage and the amazing views!
Zoe isn't the greatest at family portraits but we still like her.
The view from the top was just beyond gorgeous!
Don't fall Zach!
After we walked on the paths we drove around a bit more looking at the fabulous houses and came upon the cutest little town! It had the most adorable Starbucks!
A stone Starbucks with an outdoor fireplace!
I worked for Starbucks all through college up until graduate school so I have a soft spot for Starbucks.

There was also the most beautiful college -Covenant College- on the top of this mountain! The buildings were just incredible and those students have the best view out their dorm windows! I'm definitely going to be stopping there again on our next trip to Knoxville!

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  1. What a cool detour, beautiful views!

  2. How beautiful! It makes me want to go there!

  3. I used to live in Chattanooga and have spent a lot of time up on Lookout! I definitely need to make a trip up there soon!