Monday, September 20, 2010

Rocky Top!

I had such a great weekend in Knoxville! I drove up from Starkville on Friday afternoon, did a little shopping Friday night, and hung out with Jim. Saturday we headed to the stadium for the Gators vs. Vols game! Now y'all know I'm a HUGE Gators fan, so of course I wore orange and blue!
Here's my outfit...bathroom shot, classy haha but Jim didn't have a full-length mirror
I don't know about all that Vol orange...but I do know his outfit was epic and cracked me up. I guess I won't disown him for the Vols colors.
Rocky Top!

Jim in the stadium
Go Gators!
Love these glasses!
I also got to meet Grace from Preppy Southern Princess ! She was just too cute and sweet!
We took a picture with my's a little blurry but I figured I'd put it up anyways! So glad I got to meet her!
While I'm not a huge fan of long car trips, this one wasn't too bad. About 6 hours and the views around Chattanooga were amazing. I'll be headed back to Knoxville sometime in November and maybe I'll get to cheer on the Vols next time. I do like UT but I had to be loyal to my Gators!
Unfortunately, my MS State Bulldogs lost in Baton Rouge :( We got to catch part of that game after the UT-UF game. Hopefully this weekend we can show Georgia who the real Bulldogs are! Haha.
Busy week ahead as school school.
Happy Monday!
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  1. GEAUX TIGERS!! sorry :( Had to rub it in though!

  2. Oh man girl that must have been a nail biter! That can be a vicious crowd and oh there are so many people!
    Glad our gators pulled through though!!

  3. gotta love football saturdays! i still havent gotten to a GT game :(

  4. Um I feel like reading that comment that you should mention that Vol fans are not THAT bad! hehe so nice to meet you!