Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Love About Running

February is all about love. There are so many things I love: Zach, my family, Zoe, peanut butter, froyo, m&ms, pink...and running. The more I thought about it, there are so many things I love about running.
Here are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE running!

1. Food!: I try to eat healthy most of the time to fuel my body in the best way possible, but there is nothing like some ice cream or a cupcake after a long run!
2. Exploring new places: I have run in Florida, Mississippi, Rhode Island South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia...and that's just in the past year! There is no better way to explore a new place than to see it on foot!

3. It's always there: Running never lets me down. Anytime of the day or night, in any weather, running is there. Whenever I need it, it's there. It also doesn't judge my pace, outfit, or crazy train of thought.

4. The release of emotions: Regardless of what mood I started my run in, I always end a run happy. I've been angry, cried, happy, sad, nervous, etc. before a run, but when it ends I'm always in such a great mood!

5. The crazy running community: My fellow runners know this as well: there is no one who will understand you, your love for running, your runner problems, and want to talk and hear about running like another runner can. It's a huge community of camaraderie.
6. How strong it makes my legs feel: I love that burn when you run up a hill and make it to the top, or when you just ran ten miles. I love the muscle definition running gives my legs and how without running, I'd never would have gotten to smaller jeans size!
7. How I feel when I cross the finish line of a race: There is no greater feeling than working so hard to train for a race and then finally crossing the finish line! You are beyond tired and hungry and ready to be done, but the surge of energy and adrenaline as you cross the finish line cannot be matched!

8. I push myself towards my goals...and achieve them: This time last year, I never would have thought I'd be a half marathoner in a year. Or a two-time half marathoner! I've come such a long way, and my running goals have helped me achieve so much and push myself to set new goals and have something to work toward.
9. I get to wear pink shoes: I freakin' love my running shoes. And it gets even better, because it's about time for me to get new shoes, and the Gel Kayano 18's are pink too!
Are these not beautiful shoes?

10. My zen zone: Running lets me zone out and just run sometimes. I'm in a complete state of calm and happiness, something even yoga can't do. I do enjoy my newfound love of yoga and the way it makes my body feel, but yoga can't compare with the peace of running.
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  1. :) I love it!
    You look so happy in all your pictures. I totally agree about running giving you a since of calm :)

  2. OMG- you just wrote some of my EXACT feelings. Unless you run- you just do not get it!! I am going to "copy" this post but with my own thoughts on why I love running... do you mind if I link back to this post? Cause it just made my day!

    1. No problem! Link away :) Comment with a link to your post - I'd love to read it!