Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Operation Fit Bride: 20 Minute Total Body At-Home Workout

It's no secret that I've been on Operation Fit Bride for about a month now. Sure, I can run a half marathon, but I still need to drop about 20 more pounds and tone tone tone! Good thing I have a year to go!

I've been doing yoga, butts and guts, and 30-day shred and I definitely feel stronger! Last Friday, I went for a quick 2-mile run with Zoe and ran my first mile in 10:44 and my second mile in 11:07! I typically run 11:30-12:00 miles (I know I'm a turtle!) so the strength training and circuit workouts I've been completing have definitely affected my running in a positive way!

I am determined to continue on Operation Fit Bride, even when some days really crunch me for time! I created a quick, 20-minute, total body circuit workout I (and y'all!) can do from home!

All you need is from free weights (I use 5-8 lb. weights depending on the day) and 20 minutes!
This workout is tough, but it works and it's only 20 minutes!

Pick up your weights and get moving!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!
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  1. Great 20 minute workout. Sadly, the only form of workout I get is running. I just don't have the mental grit to push through a tough strength training workout.

  2. That's a great 20 minute workout...Good for you for putting that

  3. Great 20 min workout! I totally wrote it down and will be trying it tomorrow!
    Thanks girl! Good luck on your journey!