Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

What a whirlwind of a busy weekend!
Zach and I (and Zoe) headed to Jackson this weekend. Zach's cousin Shawn, who lives in Kentucky, came to MS for a week and there was a get together for him this weekend. Shawn stayed with us on Thursday night and we all went together after lunch to Jackson.

Zach asked Shawn to be his best man this weekend!

Friday we went car shopping! Zach's old car was unfixable after months of trying to repair it, so it was time for a new set of wheels.
We decided on a Honda CR-V! What a great car! We love it already!

Saturday I went to a chiropractor appointment, then Zach, Shawn and I went shopping! I got a new pink yoga mat! I also got two shirts from Target!

We had a fantastic dinner at Shawn's house then went back to Zach's grandparent's house where we stayed to visit with them, relax, and watch some movies! We watched Contagion, which was great! We also watched Drive, and by we I mean Zach because I fell asleep ten minutes into the movie.
Zoe cuddled during the movies too.
Fun but busy Saturday!

Today we got to sleep in and enjoy a family party for Shawn! We had great food and it was fun to see everyone! I love weekends like this!
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  1. CRV's are great! yay about the best man!

  2. :) I want to go get a good poppin from the chiro now!