Monday, February 6, 2012

At Least the Food Was Good!

Last night my little family went to a Super Bowl party! We decked ourselves out in red, white, and blue and headed to Columbus, MS to Emily and Eric's house to cheer on the Patriots!

Even though the Pats came up short, the food was great!

I brought "healthy" mozzarella sticks and peanut butter Rice Krispie treats!

I made my mozzarella sticks using cheese sticks and egg roll wrappers:
First, place the egg roll wrapper diagonally on the plate and line the cheese stick up as shown in the top left picture. Begin rolling the cheese stick into the wrapper (top right). Tuck in the sides (bottom left) and continue rolling the cheese stick until only a small flap of egg roll wrapper is left. Dip your finger into a glass of water and slightly dampen the edge of the egg roll wrapper so it sticks. Then finish rolling up the wrapper (bottom right).
You can either bake them of fry them from here. If you do bake them, I recommend putting them on a baking sheet and spraying each side with a coating of Pam. We baked them at 400 for about 20 minutes, but keep an eye on them! If they are taking awhile to brown and crisp, you can turn on the broiler, but make sure to watch them!
The spread of food was awesome! We enjoyed tons of fresh veggies, the mozzarella sticks, delicious chicken from the grill, salad, and two kinds of Rice Krispie treats for dessert! I made the peanut butter treats on the left, and another girl made the caramel covered ones on the right!
We even brought Zoe with us and she wore her festive patriotic bandana.
I wore white and blue and Zach wore red.
Our fantastic hosts Emily and Eric!

Who did you cheer for? What did you have to eat?

I have to run 4 miles sometime this week as part of NYC Running Mama's Superbowl bet. We all had to put our running shoes where our mouths were! I picked the Patriots to win and since they lost by 4 points, I have to run 4 miles. I'm glad they didn't lose by 20!

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  1. How cute are those rice krispie treats!! I will have to make those sticks! YUMMY!
    I secretly was cheering for Eli since he's from the South.

  2. that food looks delicious! we had a taco night at my apartment for the super bowl :) so tasty.