Friday, February 17, 2012

The Meaning of Zoe: Life

This morning we took Zoe to the doggie doctor for her annual checkup and shots. I've never seen a dog who wags their tail at the vet as much as Zoe does! She behaved so well, didn't cry once, and was just so happy to see everyone! She loves being petted and getting treats (what dog doesn't?), and since the vet gives her plenty of love and attention, she loves going!

This got me thinking on the way home - how lucky are we to have a dog as good as Zoe? She never gives us any problems and is always just a happy, sweet girl. She definitely has a sassy streak, but she is so well behaved and mild mannered that we just get a kick out of her sass.

I absolutely love my sweet furry girl! And here's why:

She loves the beach:
She loves it so much she gets a sand-beard and steals my towel space

She loves to run:
This dog LOVES to run. She would run all day if she could (and she does, when she has a huge yard to run in). She wags her tail for 10 mile runs and just enjoys every second of a run!

She loves animal prints:
Zoe loves cheetah print and zebra print. Her favorite bandana is her cheetah bandana, and she loves her brown and cream colored zebra bed. They suit her sassy side.

She's photogenic:
I always get such beautiful pictures of my pup looking sweet and into the camera...NOT!

She minds her own business:
Ha! Zoe is the world's nosiest dog. Zoe loves being all-up-in-yo-space. Personal bubble? Zoe doesn't know that concept.

She's festive:
Zoe really knows how to get into the spirit of the season.

She Gator chomps:
Zoe loves football season. She especially loves tailgating and is a devoted Gator girl. She even learned how to Gator chomp!

She's respectful of others:
"Oh I'm sorry...were you in the middle of playing cornhole? This spot just looked too comfy to pass up!"

She loves traveling:
(Savannah, GA - November 2011)
We bring Zoe everywhere. She's been to Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia...and she loves it! She is quite a traveled pup. And the best part? She behaves SO WELL and everyone comments on how good she is. We ate at an outdoor cafe in Savannah and Zoe just laid on the sidewalk next to our table and people watched.

She looks cute after baths:
I think she looks like a furry little alien. But she loves being wrapped up in a towel!

She loves peanut butter:
If you open a jar of peanut butter, Zoe comes running. She loves it so much she asked Santa Paws for her own jar for Christmas so she could double dip.

We just love our sweet Zoe girl! We've had her almost a year and I can't imagine not having her! She really just cracks us up! We look forward to being with her after work every day and I miss her while I'm at work! She's such a loyal, sweet dog who loves to cuddle (even if it means laying directly on you), eating bones, playing, running, and just being around you! The name Zoe means "life" and this dog is full of it!
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  1. What a sweet girl! This post makes me love my Molly even more!

  2. How freaking cute! I love my pooch too. I give him kisses all the time telling him how much he is loved. :)

  3. This is making me miss my dog. Zoe sounds like the perfect dog!

  4. Love these pics!! They are too funny. I'm sure she loves you both just as much if not more. Happy Sunday.

  5. So cute!!

    Isn't it amazing how once you have a pup in the can't imagine life without them?

  6. Such a sweet little girl! :) I wish humans would live life like doggies do. With so much love and loyalty and respect. I always think about reading one of those little 'stories' about the little boy saying, “Everybody is born so that they can learn how to live a good life — like loving everybody and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.” :)