Monday, February 27, 2012

A BIC Bands Giveaway!

I always thought I had a weird shaped head because no headbands would ever stay on my head while I was running...until I found BIC Bands!

I found BIC Bands through Skinny Runner's blog and immediately went to the website to make a purchase. I bought a pink sparkly band and a zebra band and the rest is history.
I know y'all have seen me wearing BIC Bands in pictures for months! These headbands are seriously amazing. I've worn them in both half marathons, 5ks, training runs, yoga, weight workouts, the 30 Day Shred...they stay put!

I wore a black BIC Band during the MS Blues Half Marathon... zebra BIC Band during the Savannah Half Marathon... pink sparkly BIC band during yoga...
Plus a pink and gold headband with seashells on it during training runs and yoga. I wear them for almost every workout I do, especially running.

I love how BIC Bands come in tons of designs and different widths so you can choose based on your preference. I also love how they are reasonably priced!

BIC Bands has an awesome message. BIC stands for "Because I Can", and a portion of each purchase goes towards raising funds for a different charity each month. BIC Bands raise money because they can, for those who can't, so that one day they will. BIC Bands originated when Sandy, the creator of BIC Bands, was training for a race with Team in Training.
Sandy was so sweet to send me three BIC Bands to give away to my readers!
From left: a thin "split decision blue-green" band , a skinny sparkle black band, and a minnie chocolate bubblegum band!

I will give away one of the bands to three winners!

Enter below by commenting and telling me your email, which band is your favorite, and also what is an essential you have to your workout wardrobe. Running, yoga, tennis...whatever your physical activity is, tell me what you can't live without!

The giveaway will end Friday, March 2, 2012, at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. I will post the results as well as email the winners!

I was not compensated for reviewing BIC Bands or hosting this giveaway. I love BIC Bands and purchased all of my personal bands. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
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  1. I got a couple of the Bic bands for Christmas and I love them! I like the sparkly one in the middle, my activity that I can't live without is running hands down!

  2. I love the sparkly one. My e-mail is And does garmin count as a workout wardrobe?

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  3. I love the thin split decision but the sparkly one is cute too! My email is And my can't live without item would have to be the compression socks/ capris. Got them after reading a post- I believe was yours- and love them!

  4. I love the skinny sparkle band! That is so cute!!!

    My email is I can't live without my compression socks. They are amazing!

  5. That black sparkle one is adorable!! I'll definitely have to look into these, I've never been able to find a headband that will stay on either! I got some Nike dri-fit socks earlier this year and they are awesome! They're thick and they keep me from getting blisters when playing tennis or running! Awesome giveway!

  6. This is a fantastic giveaway!! Gunna have to try them!! I had to resort to wearing a hat to keep my 'wispy bits' off my face because of my weird shaped head!lol! I love the mini Chocolate bubblegum one!! I cant function without my Running Bare Dri-fit 1/2's!! But now i think im gunna have to investigate these socks everyone's mentioning!!

    (not sure if this giveaway applies to me here in NZ but i thought id have a go anyway!)

  7. Oh my word. You've found a headband that doesn't slip and slide all over when you run? Miracle of miracles.

    I want one! :) I like the one in the middle for sure. Who doesn't need a little sparkle in their life? I'm at
    I have to have a sports bra -- this is kinda DUH. But I have to have to wear one, mostly because I stick my iPod between my boobs
    when I run :)

  8. I love the sparkle ones!! I can't do anything without my garmin!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!