Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Goals

After a fairly relaxed month of January workout-wise, I've been getting back into my routine the past two weeks and have been really enjoying incorporating classes at the gym and strength straining. In fact, I just took butts 'n guts class tonight!

My goals for being fit in February are some great ones!

I'm obviously going to keep on's my favorite after all!
I haven't been running long distances. I'm not in training for a race and I was sick last week and half of this week. But excuses aside, I am going to run probably about 10-12 miles a week. I've been running to and from the gym (my office to the gym is about a mile, depending on which route I take). I do have two exclusively running days, Tuesdays and Fridays, which I better be getting to next week!

I found this Fab Ab February schedule on Pinterest and I love it! The exercises are short and totally doable for a daily ab challenge. I'm two for two right now so I know I can stick with it!
Go to yoga at least once a week. The yoga class times at the gym suck pretty bad. 11:30-12:30! Don't these people get hungry? Regardless, I can eat after it's not that big of a deal and will be a nice way to break up the stressful weeks I have ahead of me at work.

I'm also going to continue my strength training two days a week. I've been really loving the change of pace and sore (in a good way!) muscles. It has made running kind of hard because of my changing workouts and adapting body but I think it will make me an overall stronger runner.

My other goals are to take the stairs at work instead of the elevator and cook dinner 19/29 days in February. I always eat breakfast at home, I eat lunch from home every day except Fridays (my treat Chick-Fil-A day!) and I try to make dinner most nights. Weekends are tough but I'm determined!

Not workout related, my last goal is to set my defense date and submit my thesis to my committee! Wish me luck!

What are your goals for February? Not just workout related but anything!

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  1. good luck with your fitness goals and finishing up grad school. I just defended my dissertation 2 weeks ago and boy is it a load off the shoulders.

  2. My goal is to go to church! isn't that sad?

  3. Good luck with your goals! And the Fab Ab thing looks awesome.

  4. I haven't made any goals for February but your post is making me want to!