Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Hump Day

This week has been so crazy busy! I've been in the lab alllll day every day this week trying to get one of my experiments to work. Thankfully I think with the progress I've made I should be able to get it to work tomorrow! Yay finally!

Poor Zoe was home all alone for ten hours yesterday! :( I hate leaving her put up for that long. When we came home she had lots of energy and jumped around like crazy, ate her zebra head...
...and helped Amanda and I decorate cowbells! She likes glittery Z's.
This morning we headed out on a 4 mile run!
Be jealous of my pink socks
And my sweet zebra headband and Zach's sun specs
One of my running buddies...
I see y'alls pictures with the best running route views. NYC, Boston, Charleston, the name it. I have...Highway 12.
Oh hey morning commuters.

After my incredibly humid sweaty run, we got ready and headed to campus...
where I found this little creature on my way to the lab. It's a teeny lizard! I named him Munchkin until he ran behind the bookcase.

I also ate a McDonalds cone for lunch.
No judgement.
And now I'm hanging out with Zach and Zoe icing my shins (with my compression-icy thing that Zach got me!) and writing a thesis chapter. Ugh.
And excuse the mess on the table. I was too lazy to clean up the craft/cowbell painting supplies.

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  1. I love having a scenic place to exercise. Unfortunatley, it's not my hood :(