Monday, August 15, 2011

Half Marathon Training Week 2 Recap

Happy Monday! I hope all of y'all had a good weekend! For many of us it was the last weekend of summer vacation. Class starts Wednesday here in Starkville. I don't have any classes this semester, but I will be way busy writing my thesis, preparing for and giving my defense, and preparing, editing, and submitting manuscripts for journal publications. And some football thrown in there too of course!

Last week was the second week of mine and Zach's half marathon training. Since the plan we picked from Runner's World was 10 weeks and we have 14 weeks for preparation, we decided to repeat some of the weeks that we thought would be most beneficial. Week two was a repeat of week one. Here is the plan for last week:








3 Miles Easy

Rest/Easy XT

3 Miles Easy

Rest/Easy XT

3 Miles Easy

5 Miles LSD


Looks familiar!

As I mentioned last week, I needed a mental health day Monday, so we ran our 3 miles easy Tuesday night, which went pretty well and I was pleased with how I pushed myself. I am definitely a morning runner so going at night was an accomplishment in itself for me!

Wednesday morning we headed out for our next round of 3 miles easy, which also went well.
Friday's 3 miles were the best of the week. I was pleased with my pace and it was a great way to end the work week.

Sunday was the 5 miler. I was a little irritated because I am a morning runner...and by morning I mean 7/8 am...NOT 9/10 am. My running partner (<3) is not a morning person at all, and I know it's a big sacrifice for him to wake up early to run with me when he'd much rather go at night. And I REALLY appreciate that he does this without complaint. But just because it's Saturday doesn't mean we can wait until 9:45 to start a 5 mile run! I am extremely heat sensitive when I'm working out, and the later we go the hotter it gets. I'm fine with the heat all day long...but not at all when I'm running. So the 5 miles didn't go as well as I was hoping. We left so late I was hot the whole time, and I was really worried about Zoe getting heat exhaustion...she was panting way more than usual and kept stopping to walk and her tail was not wagging. I was kind of frustrated, but managed to push through my irritation, finish 4.8/5 miles, and brought Zoe home to cool off. We agreed we have to go earlier on last!

Overall I was pleased with week 2 of the training. It was an improvement over week 1 and put me in a good mindset for week 3 this week!

Off we go! (At 9:45 am)
Zoe was wiped out the whole rest of the day...but after a long nap she was back to her energetic sweet self!

The rest of the weekend was fun. We relaxed all day Saturday, watched movies and ordered pizza. Sunday we slept in, made our favorite turkey sandwiches for lunch, and watched movies while I edited one of my thesis chapters. We cooked breakfast for supper and Amanda came over to watch movies with us and we made Muddy Buddies!

We woke up this morning and headed out for the easy 3 miler...and THIS was the weather:
65 degrees!!! And let me tell you, this was the best run I have had in a loooong time. I was in the zone the whole time, jammed out to some of my new songs I added to my running playlist, and just cruised for 3.2 miles. I could have kept running for another 3.2 miles if it wasn't time to get ready for work!
I had an awesome day and I think it was because my day started out so great!

After a long day at work doing more chapter edits (I submitted the first draft of one chapter today yay!), I came home from work to a package from my mom and something I ordered for Zoe.
My mom is also a runner and she sent me a Fuel Belt to take on long runs and extra hot days. Boy do I wish I had this on Saturday! My mom's best friend's daughter works for Fuel Belt and gave this to her for me! How sweet!

(I stand weird...)

And Zoe's mail was:
...a new collar! Homegirl chewed part of hers last week while I was in the shower. Her old collar still buckles, so I didn't plan on buying a new one just yet, but I saw this and just loved it! A PINK collar with RUNNING SHOES!! Etsy for the win!

How were y'alls runs this weekend/weekend plans? Who is going back to school this week? Has it cooled off any where you live?

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  1. love your new blog layout/name!
    glad you pushed through that 5's always hard to do it when you can only think about how hot you are.. i definitely either need to run in the morning or late when the sun is setting a bit... heat=not my friend! ha
    good luck with the rest of your training...i'll be following along on here!

  2. Love Zoe's new collar! And the blog design looks great :) Can't wait to see your Muddy Buddy recipe :) Thanks for letting me come over again, too!

  3. I am loving your new blog design/name!! I'm with ya on running/working out early in the day. If i wait til the evening, I had wayy too much time to think of an excuse, and I can usually think of a really good one and end up not going.

  4. ooh and you should post your running playlist! I need some good jams to work out to!

  5. I noticed your new look and title. Good for you!! Good luck!

  6. Good job girl! I know what you mean about the heat, I am totally heat sensitive also. I am loving the cooler weather right now, I am a night runner and it was just perfect tonight! Love Zoe's new collar and congrats on the fuel belt, I don't have one yet so let me know how you like yours! I am wondering if it's too heavy and juggles around?

  7. Way to go!! Ya'll are doing awesome!!! I love your new layout and header, it is TOO CUTE!

    PS. You look good girl!! You look like you've lost some weight!!