Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Week/Half Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

I've slacked off again. It's been a week since I posted last! Don't hate me!

Last week started the "official" half marathon training. I've never ran a half marathon before, only shorter distances like 5K, 10K, and 10-milers. I picked out a half marathon training plan for first time half marathoners from Runners World...and away we go!

Here is the training plan for week 1:








3 Miles Easy

Rest/Easy XT

3 Miles Easy

Rest/Easy XT

3 Miles Easy

5 Miles LSD


Doesn't look too bad I figured...until the week of Africa heat came to Mississippi.
Monday was HOT. We did 3.16 miles and were dying the whole time. The heat was just unbearable but we got it done!

Tuesday we just took Zoe for a 1.25 mile quick walk before work. We wanted to do yoga that night but...let's just say Teen Mom and writing up lab results won out. Considering the training plan said to *rest* on the rest days, I was glad we went for a short walk that morning.

Wednesday started out like this:
Now the temperature doesn't look so bad. 78 degrees, "feels like" 81...not so bad. But 91% humidity?! Ugh. By the time we finished the 3 miles, we were drenched! It was down to 82% humidity but it was 84 degrees "feels like" 8 am! Again...we got out there and completed it and felt better than Monday.

Thursday we took off, but watched the season premiere of Jersey Shore!! Liza and Daisy came over to watch with us!
Zoe waiting for Daisy to arrive.
Zoe and Daisy playing! Such sweet girls.

What do you all think of Jersey Shore being in Italy this season??

Friday we got up, in the crazy humidity, and ran our 3 miles. I felt pretty great at the end of this run. I really pushed myself and was happy with how I did :)
I did have some pain in my shins so I iced them at work!
I also painted my nails at work but whatev it was Friday.

Friday after work Zach and I went to meet our new neighbor/my bloggy Twitter friend/now real-life friend Amanda from Life According to Amanda! How weird is it that not only is she living in the apartment complex Zach and I live in, but they put her and her roommate in the same building as us!

Then I was so tired I needed a nap before relaxing Friday night...
...and this is what I woke up to. Umm hello?? Zoe? Last time I checked this wasn't your bed or your pillow! She just invited herself right on up! I was cracking up so much I couldn't even be mad!

We cooked yummy spaghetti for supper, got frozen yogurt for dessert, relaxed and watched a movie, and hung out with Zoe!

Precious girl!
She loves her daddy.
At bed time Zoe hopped right up on the bed and put her head on my stomach and refused to make eye contact..."maybe she won't notice me"
Zoe is NOT allowed to sleep on the bed but it was funny to goof around with her before she had to go to her bed!

Saturday was supposed to be our long run day, but Friday we planned to do it on Sunday to let my shins rest...I have had shin splints in the past that turned into stress fractures so I wanted to be really careful.

We went to the pool
Then out on a dinner date!
Then we came home and watched The Pelican Brief...I jealous.
Zoe and I also had a photo shoot.
Sunday we got up and headed to the Noxubee County refuge to do our 5 miles on the trails there. We had never ran those trails but figured the trails would be easier on my shins and the shade would be cooler than the direct sunlight of our normal route.
The refuge was so pretty and had an awesome breeze.
We loved running the trails...if they didn't abruptly end! The trails went less than a quarter mile, were very overgrown, and just kind of...stopped. So the trails were a fail. We tried to run on the roads but I just wasn't into it. I really don't know what my problem was. My legs felt fine. I just couldn't make them go. We did 2.3 miles and I was so mad at myself. I like the fact that I'm not a give-upper. But Sunday, I just gave up. I was pretty upset with myself after but a few hours later I thought to myself that I can't beat myself up over one day. I decided to take today off, get some extra sleep, and use Tuesday as a make up day for Monday's (today's) run. The extra sleep helped a lot, and now I am looking forward to the run tomorrow. I know I can do this, and I love running. I guess I just needed to step back and remind myself why I do.

After the workout, we came home and went out to lunch with our new neighbor Amanda! We ate Greek food and it was so yummy. We came back home and watched a movie and played on the Wii. Fun Sunday!

Happy Monday! Here's to an awesome week and a better mind set!
PS- I know how horrible my blog looks! I'm trying to figure out what kind of look I want and honestly...Blogger is so annoying for design! I've heard Wordpress is so much better...anyone ever think of making the switch? Or any suggestions for blog designing/websites?
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  1. I think it is so awesome that you even attempt to run in this heat and humidity! Keep on celebrating the little accomplishments and you'll surely make the big ones!

  2. Good job on your training, I live in NC and I feel your pain with this heat! I am in week 2 of my half marathon training, I ran my first half marathon last year, so this will be my second. Good luck with your training!

  3. Ugh! The humidity has been AWFUL! It was like that at 5:30 AM too! We could barely breathe and we were only walking. We didn't even go the next day! I'm so ready for fall and cooler temps!

    Zoe is just sooo adorable! I hope your shins stop giving you trouble because you are doing awesome with your training!!!

  4. Good for you on the running! I just can't seem to do it!
    Zoe is such a cutie!