Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictures That Crack Me Up and Life Updates

I went through pictures on my iPhone the other day and was cracking up about some of the pictures I had on there. I decided y'all might get a kick out of them too!

Warning: Most are of Zoe and my sister's dog

Riley, my sister's Boston Terrier...her bug eyes kill me

Zoe hated her Easter ears. I put them on her and she put her head down and just laid there. I called her name and she wouldn't turn to me. This is the most I got...
Just the eyes!

Zoe is very nosy and invades people's bubbles

Riley gets dressed in little doggie dresses...and likes them

We have rolly stools in the lab...waiting for an instrument to startup + Friday = Lab Superman

Zoe hides under the bed...but leaves her feet out

She looks cross eyed in this picture hahahaha

I kept trying to hand her her rope toy...she wouldn't take it so I put it on her nose...and she stayed like that!

She was sitting the strangest way...like a person! And had her arms draped over Zach...cracked me up

Oh hello

Cuddling with her gator friend
Momma makes her pose with her friends...but she stayed like that!

We saw this fella in the Popeye's drive thru
SANTA!!!! Santa here? I know him!
Obviously Kris Kringle likes some Louisiana fried chicken and Mississippi humidity as a break from the North Pole

I borrowed a beaker from the lab to bleach my shells
Zach judged.

I know I already posted this one but it's my favorite

Last week Zach's little brother Jonathon came to visit. We watched movies, went for a walk, went swimming, and cooked yummy food. J and I went swimming on Thursday and Zach went to Kroger to get some groceries for supper. He was gone so long I thought he got lost crossing the street to the store. But he wasn't lost...he was surprising me with these:
Crack cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so surprised!!
They are double chocolate chip cookies and they are addictive...which is how they earned the "Crack cookies" nickname

We spend the weekend in Jackson doing a little bit of shopping (not fun shopping...like Petsmart and Target groceries) and also went to a fun going away party for Zach's cousin Shawn. He got a job at the University of Kentucky. We ate barbecue chicken, green beans, potato salad, homemade ice cream and blueberry cobbler. So good!

Yesterday we started our "official" training for the half marathon in November. We've been doing our normal runs for forever now but we started the Runner's World training plan. The run was ok...felt fine running but it was just SO hot. The heat and humidity was unbearable so we've had better days but hey we were out there!

Zoe: Dang it's early. I'd rather be in my zebra bed cuddling with my gator friend. But I like running and my pink harness so game face on.
I'll recap the first week on the training plan this weekend!
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  1. SOOO cute!! Zoe is so presh!!!! :) I love all the pictures! Especially here cuddled with her toys! Did you go sit on Santa's lap and tell him that we wanted cooler temperatures for Christmas...and sooner rather than later! :)