Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I've Been Up To (Post August 31, 2011)

Posted on on August 31, 2011

Sorry for my absence! This has been a crazy past week at school trying to take a ton of data, etc. I’m trying not to let my frustrations get to me and keep trying…I will find the solution to my project’s problems! :) In the meantime, I have:


Hung out with my sweet girl :) How could I not have a better day after seeing this face?


Made cookies with Zach


We made these really fudgey double chocolate chip cookies! They were really yummy!


Stood in line for FOUR AND A HALF hours for football tickets…which was totally unnecessary. I made sure my opinions/suggestions of the organization of football tickets was known to the athletic director haha.

Amanda, Emily, Zach and I all waited together and were hot and thirsty! I missed the “nice photo” memo…I thought it was supposed to be a “tell me how you really feel” photo


Zach missed the “nice photo” memo here!

And here is my mini-rant for the week…

20110830-092435.jpgJeep…WHY did you park in the middle of 2 spots? If you had parked not like a jerk, I could have parked there…


Or here…20110830-092510.jpg

Or here!

WHAT is with the inconsiderate people in the parking lots?!?! I think I may post-it a sweet note on their cars…

And keep in mind, I don’t drive a truck. I don’t drive an SUV…I drive20110830-092532.jpg

A COBALT. It’s SMALL. COMPACT. If I can’t fit in those half-spots…then you know there is a problem with your “parking skills”.

How is parking at your school?

Hope y’all have been having a good week :) Running update tomorrow!

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  1. yikes, what in the world. Parking at my school isn't that bad, people actually know how to park in the lines! haha hopefully you have better luck with that this week! :)

  2. Lord have mercy! Don't even get me started on inconsiderate parking situations.
    This is not very lady like, but I would have to let the air out of one of their tires and pray that I don't get caught.