Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three in a Row! My Last MSU Game As a Student

I love Thanksgiving weekend because of food, family, and FOOTBALL! This weekend is also known as Rivalry Weekend in college football. This weekend I was cheering on my Gators vs. FSU, Clemson vs. SC, Tennessee vs. UK, and Mississippi State vs. ole miss. Unfortunately, my Gators, Clemson, and UT didn't have great weekends. I was so disappointed they all lost :( But Mississippi State beat the Rebs for the third year in a row!

We started out Saturday with a 3.4 mile run before coming back to get ready for the tailgate. I made gingerbread cookies shaped like footballs and dog bones, and peppermint chocolate brownies. Since it's Christmas season I made festive desserts for the last tailgate!
We had a great time at the tailgate spending time with friends. Zach and I will both graduate in the spring-summer so this was both of our last football games as MSU students.
We played lots of cornhole against Scott (Zach's best friend, surely y'all remember him from the last painted face) and Scott's friend Shea, who are both in the army. It was fun having them come for the Egg Bowl.
Zoe also rolled in the grass and got lots of attention from a little boy at the tailgate next to us so she also had a blast at the last tailgate of the season.
Zoe says Go Dawgs!

We headed into the stadium and sat in the rain most of the game. We were soaked and chilly but wanted to stay until the end to yell: "Hey Ole Miss! We just beat the hell outta you! Maroon! White! Fight fight fight! Mississippi State! Damn right!
It was way worth sitting in the rain to watch our Dawgs beat That School Up North for the third year in a row! 31-3 Go Dawgs!

MSU is going bowlin' again this year!

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  1. Love me some tailgating!! LSU is going to the NC! woot!

  2. I have to share this story with you. My momma called recently and was telling me how she got engaged rivalry weekend (she was engaged once before she met my dad) while she was a student at Mississippi State. Her fiance was a student at Ole Miss and she was way too excited to rub in his face that Miss State won that year!

  3. Sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend.