Monday, November 14, 2011

Lists for Monday

While catching up this morning on some of the blogs that come to my email, I read Ali's blog and just loved her idea of making lists on Monday and also the lists she came up with! I thought I'd do a post similar to hers!

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Month:

-Going to Tennessee/Kentucky this weekend! Zach, Zoe and I are on the road again this weekend! We are headed to Knoxville to see Jim and hopefully go to the UT game and Lexington to visit Zach's cousin Shawn.

-Baking for Thanksgiving! If only I could decide on which recipes I want to make. So many cookies, not enough time!

-Thanksgiving! We are going to visit Zach's family for Thanksgiving. They live in Mississippi about 2 hours south of us. I love eating and visiting so yay for Thanksgiving!

-Decorating for Christmas! This will happen on Black Friday while watching Elf. I can't wait to bust out the lights and glittery gold decor. And my Santa. And my wreaths. I just love decorating for the holidays!

-The Egg Bowl! Mississippi State vs. That School Up North (TSUN/ole miss). Go Dawgs! Beat those Rebs!

4 Things On My Christmas List:

-Wall shelves. Weird I know. But I finally found the perfect wall shelves at Target while we were in Savannah so I hope I get them!

-CWX Stabilyx Compression Tights. I love compression anything. They work like a charm!

-A dark brown/chocolate colored cardigan. I cannot for the life of me find a normal brown cardigan anywhere! So I gave this item to my mom. If anyone can find one, she can.

-Asics Thermopolis Gloves. My hands get so cold running in the winter, and these are way needed. Especially since we are headed north to Yankee Land for Christmas!

-A pizza stone. Zach and I make homemade pizza all the time so we asked for one for Christmas. I think this will make our crust better so we can finally achieve the epic level of homemade pizza we've been aiming for.

3 workouts I'm doing this week:

-Speedwork sesh x 2. Yea my speedwork workout didn't happen today. I just didn't feel that good and I was super lazy. It happens. I will get BOTH of them done this week though!

-Long run. 7-8 miles. Somewhere in that range.

-Yoga session. I need to stretch more as well as cross train. Killin' two birds with one stone.

2 Goals For This Week:

-Eat no meals out until the weekend when we're away.

-Finish my defense presentation. Who knows when I'm actually defending. But while I have more spare time than usual waiting for my advisor to return to work/edit my papers/edit my thesis/exist in general I'm going to work on my defense presentation so I can be extra prepared for when life gets chaotic again pre-defense.

1 Thing I'm Thankful For:

-My goofy sister. She calls me, says the most random stories, plans out our NYC trip in 5 minutes, then hangs up. So weird but funny as all get out. Speaking of her...she's turning 22 next week! Any ideas for a gift??!! :) She likes Boston Terriers and gluten free things. And peace signs.
This is us impersonating our dogs. Zoe is happy and goofy as y'all know, and her dog Riley is a bug eyed Boston Terrier with jowls haha. So funny.
Don't judge.
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  1. Decorating for Christmas sounds awesome. After college, I've never had the time or the money for decorating my room especially since I go back home
    to California for a month to celebrate Christmas.

  2. All these things are wonderful. I love eating and shopping.. so what's not to love in November? :) I have those wall shelves from Target and they're AWESOME. And have you tried Forever21 for the cardigan? I'm a sweater junky and I got mine from there. Hope you find one!!