Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday in Savannah

Thank you everyone so much for all of the encouragement on my first half marathon! You all are so sweet!

To wrap up our great weekend in Savannah, we enjoyed Sunday morning in the city before heading back to Mississippi.
First we went to Forsyth Park. I wanted to see the park without all of the marathon activity going on since I'd heard how pretty it was.
We walked around the perimeter of the park under the mossy oaks and looked at all the pretty historic houses. Zoe loved being able to run around outside and saying hi to all the other dogs in the park.
We walked towards the fountain to get a picture of us with our medals and the fountain.

I love fountains...this one and the pineapple fountain in Charleston are just so pretty!
It was crazy to think that 24 hours before, the park was crowded with tens of thousands of people, the streets were lined with spectators, and the finish line was buzzing with activity. On Sunday, not even a banana peel was left.
We sat outside the little cafe for awhile and people watched, then made our way to the Confederate memorial.
Such a gorgeous statue!
The weather was amazing and we had such a nice time walking around and playing with Zoe. Then we headed downtown to go to some shops and meet Scott for lunch at Goosefeathers Cafe. I had a fantastic turkey sandwich with lettuce and herbed mayonnaise on a croissant with a fruit cup for lunch.
Zoe is so well-behaved. Zach and I are so lucky that she just sits down and people watches while we eat. She just loves adventures! I missed her during the race on Saturday-she's my other training buddy and I couldn't have done it without her! Too bad races are prejudiced against furry participants!
After lunch we got in the car and made excellent time getting back to Mississippi. We went from the middle of Savannah to our apartment in 8.5 hours! We didn't listen to music the whole way home and just talked the entire time. Sometimes that's my favorite part of going on trips. I feel like sometimes life gets so busy we barely get to have a conversation that doesn't involve grocery shopping, laundry, or who fed Zoe!
Overall I had an awesome weekend. I'll never forget how wonderful Savannah was for my first half marathon!

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  1. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful achievement, and what gorgeous scenery to do it in. And great company, too!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. I've actually never been south of Maryland in the east coast. I lived in southern California before college, but that doesn't count.

  3. Savannah looks beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!