Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Runners!

With the weekend being surrounded by huge sale days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I've had Christmas gifts on the brain!
Picking out gifts is not easy! Everyone wants to give the perfect gift to each recipient.
Runners are a tough bunch to buy for. The first gifts that come to mind for runners are items such as shoes or clothing. While receiving these items as gifts are awesome, these products are tough on the wallet. It's also hard to buy clothing or shoes for runners since each runner is different and has (usually very specific) preferences on styles and brands.

I've compiled a short list of some alternate gifts that every runner will love! I tried to pick wide range of prices so everyone can find something in their budget.

1. Fuel: Energy gels, bars
Most distance runners use some type of gel fuel or energy bar on long runs. Popular fuels include GU gels, Clif Shot Bloks, PowerBar Gel, Sport Beans, and Clif Gel. There are tons of different kinds out there!
If your favorite runner likes GU, they just released two new flavors: Peanut Butter (YUM!) and a festive Peppermint Stick!

2. Nuun
Nuun is a drink tablet that fizzes after you drop it in water. It is electrolyte-enhanced, under 8 calories, and tastes pretty great!

How cute would a basket filled with energy gels, nuun, pasta, granola bars, Gatorade, and peanut butter be? Any runner would love a running themed basket like that!

Now that I think of it...who wants to make me one of those baskets for Christmas? Ha ha :)

3. An iTunes gift card
I like to run with music, so an iTunes gift card to add some new jams to a running playlist would be a welcome gift. I also have listened to audiobooks on long runs. iTunes has a section for audiobooks if you're interested!

4. A GoSport ID
I think it's really crucial that runners acknowledge the importance of safety while headed out running. There are several brands of ID bracelets, such as GoSport ID (pictured here) and RoadID. I personally have a GoSport ID (love! and awesome colors!), but I've heard wonderful things about both brands mentioned.

5. Tervis Tumbler
I use Tervis Tumblers ALL the time! They are shatter-proof and guaranteed for life. Tervis Tumblers also have a double wall so no sweating! They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! I love the 26.2 design they have, as well as a 13.1 design.
They also have this cute Runner Girl (and a Runner Boy) tumbler!

6. Foam Roller
I LOVE foam rolling! It helps so much with tightness and sore muscles, especially after long runs. There are several brands around, such as Trigger Point or Pro-Tec.

7. Fuel Belt

Fuel belts are great for long runs and summer runs when you're dying of thirst. I personally have a FuelBelt brand belt that has 2 bottles. I love everything about it except the Velcro closure...I wish it had a clip closure. But it stays put and I love it! There are other brands such as Nathan and Camelbak as well.

8. GPS Watch
These are pricey but I am dying to get one! GPS watches track mileage, splits, elevation, time, etc. Garmin is the most popular brand and they have several models. Who wants to get me one of these? :)

9. Compression sleeves
Y'all if it weren't for my compression sleeves I have no idea how I would have made it through my half or the recovery. These help a TON! Compression sleeves aid in blood flow and I seriously have no soreness when I run with them. Which is why I want compression tights so my whole leg feels like this! I use the Zensah brand but there are others such as CEP, Nike, and CW-X.

I hope you enjoyed my list of great gifts for runners. If anyone has ever given or received a great running (or active in general) gift pass it along!

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  1. Cool list! This post is a great idea. I think a running fuel themed basket would be great.

  2. I'm just trying to get back into running and doing more distance. Such great ideas!

  3. Your blog design looks really good! Gotcha on facebook!