Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tailgate Weekend! Mississippi State vs. Bama

We haven't tailgated for almost a month! I missed it! This weekend MSU played Alabama here in Starkville. I was loving the fall weather as soon as I got up Saturday morning. It was windy and cool, but not freezing cold. Zach and I ran 3.25 miles before having to hurry back home and get ready for the tailgate. Zach's dad and brother came up for the game, and our friend George was staying with us also, so we all piled up and headed to campus.
Go Dawgs!

As usual, I made dessert (I much prefer baking over cooking). I made oreo balls with autumn colored sprinkles and they went in my new football plate.
I got it a few weekends ago at TJ Maxx!

I also made dark chocolate brownies! They went in the MSU plate.
We spent most of the day playing cornhole and catching up with friends. The trees by our tailgating spot were bright red and orange and such a gorgeous sight for the afternoon!
Zoe was a tailgating queen again this weekend and she spent her afternoon rolling around in the grass and laying in the middle of the cornhole game. She also sampled a few of the leaves but said they weren't tasty.

Her Uncle J (Zach's brother) and his dad hung out with her at the tailgate while we went to the game. They didn't have tickets to the game so they watched on TV at the tent.
Come on Dawgs! Beat Bama!

While it wasn't the worst game we've played, we still didn't get a win this weekend. Oh well...honestly I was expecting Bama to win (as I'm sure everyone else was haha). But never say never! We still had fun.
If only my Gators got a win...

I wish Tennessee won too! But yay for Clemson beating Wake Forest! Go Tigers! And go LA Tech! Beat those Rebs!

How did your team do this weekend?

Tomorrow starts my new training plan for the MS Blues Half Marathon! It's high mileage and speedwork heavy so wish me luck! I ran 7 miles on Friday and 3.25 Saturday and my legs are sore as heck! After only 5 rest days since the Savannah Half!

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  1. Sounds like a fun productive weekend. I on the other hand took a break from life. I didn't run and watched Grey's anatomy.

  2. I still can't believe how amazing you look! We just found out we're going to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving so we'll be tailgating for the LSU vs. Arkansas game! woot!

  3. Fun fun! I haven't tailgated in forever! Your outfit and boots are super cute!
    BTW I am considering Savannah for next year and I will let you know if I decide to run it!
    If you run it again, then we should definitely meet up!