Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speed Workouts, Weights, and Pizza!

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day of Mississippi Blues Half training. I had the speed work workout scheduled. I woke up yesterday and just wasn't feeling it. I felt tired and achy, like I was getting sick. I was going to try to run last night, but Zach and I wound up walking with Zoe for about 45 minutes and watching a movie instead.
This afternoon, I was determined to get this workout done! I'm not falling behind in the first week! We started out and a half mile into our warmup, it started raining! Ugh! I normally love running in the rain but with Zoe and my iPhone, we opted to bring her back home then finish the workout at the gym.

I did the following workout:
-Half mile warmup
-1200 m at goal half marathon pace with 400 m recovery
-2 x 800 m at 10k race pace with 200 m recovery for each
-4 x 400 m at 5k race pace with 200 m recovery for each
-Legs and arm weights

I wanted to run one mile as a cooldown but I was STARVING!
So we came home and made pizza!
One side is broccoli, peppers, and onions and the other side is peppers, onions, and turkey (gross...turkey on pizza? No thanks). I bet y'all can tell which side is mine! Broccoli all the way!

Tonight we are watching Chopped (obsessed with this show!) and designing Christmas cards on the computer.
For dessert I'll be enjoying my new favorite froyo mixture:
Pumpkin froyo (our local frozen yogurt shop sells pre-packed containers of some of their flavors), with Thanksgiving sprinkles and crushed up ginger snaps!

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  1. I just came back from a run and the pizza looks like everything I'm craving right now. And I'm glad that you got that workout done.

  2. Yum!!! Also, the walk and movie night sounds like it was nicer anyway :-)

  3. I LOVE pizza and I am totally obsessed with Chopped too!
    Well pretty much all the cooking shows on Food network lately!

  4. I LOVE speed workouts. They are always my favorite for training! They definitely make a difference in my times...so in fact, even though I am not training (and very far from it at the moment), I shall do a speed workout this week in honor of this post! And then eat pizza.