Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 2 of SATC2 Week: My Favorite Outfits and a Blog Award!

Since the opening of Sex and the City 2 is on everyone's mind, I thought I would look back over the seasons and the first movie and pick out some of my favorite outfits that the girls wear. Carrie is the most popular fashion icon, but I have to say I do favor Charlotte's looks...they are much more my style. I tried to pick out at least one outfit for each girl!

Carrie's style is typically a little too bohemian-mismatched for me, but I do love some of her staple items in the show.
I love this dress from the first movie. It's so fabulous Carrie hardly needs any accessories to go with it.
This is the Halston Heritage dress Carrie wears in the second movie. I feel like this dress could go anywhere, from a beach coverup to lunch with some cute flats or dressed up like Carrie wears it. I would love to have this dress!
Carrie's wedding gown is amazing (I'm not a huge fan of the bird, but I do like the pop of color). It made her look classy and elegant with the princess feeling every girl wants on their wedding day.
Also from the first movie...I just love her jacket here, and how she mixes and matches patterns but sticks with the green.
From "An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux". I love how she has a "tutu" style dress for an adult! Just gorgeous.

Samantha is sassy and still classy. In the series, I loved her bolder business looks. I wish I could have found more pictures of her fabulous outfits!
I love the pink power suit with the little details like the big buttons and the gold jewelry. And typical to Samantha, she still has her sex appeal factor with the low cut top underneath.
I love Samantha in this little black dress. Its sexy, classy, she looks fabulous.

In the series, Miranda started off as a little masculine with really short hair and structured suits. Towards the end, her clothing was a little more feminine and her haircut was cute and trendy. By the movie-her clothes were amazing!
This is professional and at the same time classic and girly. Love the dress and especially the red coat.
From the first movie-Miranda looks really pretty and put together and I love her accessories and style!

Charlotte is the character I'm most similar to, so it is no surprise that I absolutely love her style. She is classic, tailored, feminine, and glamorous.
I would kill for this coat. Perfect length and shape. The only problem is around Starkville, I might be mistaken for an Alabama fan if I wore houndstooth!
This look is really feminine and classy. She looks great!
After Charlotte lost her baby, Elizabeth Taylor's story inspired her to get out and over to Brady's first birthday party. This dress is killer and I love the sunglasses.
One of my most favorite of Charlotte's dresses. I love the cut and the shape of the dress with the green right at the top. I wish I could have this dress-it would go well with my green eyes! And of course I love her pearls! So classy!
Definitely my favorite Charlotte outfit. I just fell in love with this dress. It is a great timeless style that could go from day to night with a swap of accessories. I love her bag and sunglasses too!
I love this picture, especially Charlotte's tasteful strapless dress with the great floral pattern and Miranda's belted bold dress. Carrie's dress isn't quite my taste, but I do like the colors she is wearing and of course-her shoes!
One of the promotional pictures for the second movie. All four of them look amazing in this picture and their red outfit matches their personality! I most love Charlotte's style dress (no surprise there) but I love how all of them look so happy and how great their dresses look on them!

SATC2 Countdown Quotes: 3 days (or is it 2?):
Charlotte (on Carrie's flying trapeze experience): I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights!
Carrie: Well, I do not...you've seen my shoes.

My First Blog Award!:
First, I want to say thank you to Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle for giving me my first blog award! I was very excited! It was so sweet of you to think of me! Y'all go check out her blog!

The rules for this award are to list 10 things I love and to pass it on to 10 other blogs. Here goes!

1. God
2. My family
3. My fabulous friends
4. Florida Gators
5. College football (Gators and MS State!)
6. Shopping
7. Sex and the City
8. Summertime
9. Vacations
10. Pearls

I'm passing this award to (in no particular order):
3. Jules at Chic and Pink
4. Sarah Beth at Dixie Gator Gal
5. Randall at Randall's Blog
7. Lindsay at Southern Cinderella
10. Elle at Elle Fowler

Later y'all!
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  1. I love SATC! Can't wait for the movie to come out. The fashion is just unbelievable. Thanks for all the pics - a great way to get excited for the movie!

  2. Yay thank you for the award!!! I would pass it back to you if I could! haha
    I am soo obsessed with SATC2 and Charlotte is my favorite! But I am really digging the Halston Heritage dresses that are going to show up in this movie!

  3. Congrats on your first award!!! I cannot wait for SATC! New follower here!! : )

  4. Hi Ashley! Cute blog. Just wanted to say hello from your newest follower. :) I, too, relate most to Charlotte & love her style!

  5. I agree. Charlotte definitely is more my style too and only SJP could pull off some of those Carrie looks. I loved the flower dress in the first movie and really look forward to seeing her in the white Halston dress in the 2nd one. Her wedding gown was amazing in the first film and I wasn’t a fan of the bird either.

    Samantha looks great in that LBD and I love that first shot of Miranda.

    I love the Brady’s first birthday episode and that is one of my favorite Charlotte outfits. The houndstooth coat is gorgeous too.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on your blog award and thank you for passing it along to me. You deserved this one :)

  6. Oh my gosh, such a wonderful post! I'm absolutely OBSESSED with SATC! I cannot wait for the movie to come out! I agree with you, I love Charlotte and her style most. Congrats on your first award, I left you another one on my blog! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. I am so excited for the movie, your blog is super cute. Have a great day!

  8. Thanks y'all! Y'all are so sweet!