Monday, May 24, 2010

The Carrie Diaries

Happy Monday!
So I wrote last night that over the weekend I finally finished The Carrie Diaries, which is the prequel to Sex and the City. Overall, I did really like the book, but there were a few things that I thought were lacking...

First, the book started off a little slow. It was hard to get into, in the same way I thought the first Sex and the City book started off slow. It could just be the author's style. Second, there were some major elements of the book that completely contradicted the show. For example, Carrie's father is a major character in the book, where in the show she says her father left her and her mother. This statement also suggests she had no siblings, but in this book she has two sisters who also play a fairly large role. Another minor contradiction was that Carrie says on the show that she lost her virginity in 11th grade, but in The Carrie Diaries she is a senior and still a virgin. Also, y'all remember her high school boyfriend Jeremy that is in a mental health facility in the series...well there is no mention of him in this book. Personality-wise, I can definitely imagine this Carrie in the book growing up to be the Carrie on the show...if you put the contradictions aside. The book follows her through her senior year of high school and how she developed as a writer. I know this book is supposed to be a prequel to the Carrie Bradshaw from the first Sex and the City book and not necessarily the character Carrie Bradshaw on the show, but in light of the amazing success of the series, the first movie, and the upcoming second movie, I was really hoping Candace Bushnell would portray Carrie as more of the Carrie Bradshaw from the series. Overall, I did like the book, and loved the ending (I won't spoil it for anyone!), and would suggest it for summer reading, but unfortunately I think there will be a lot of disappointed readers who are expecting the Carrie Bradshaw we all know and love. So if you are okay with knowing the Carrie in the The Carrie Diaries isn't exactly the Carrie from the series, then I think you would enjoy it!

SATC2 Countdown Quotes: 4 DAYS!!!
Carrie: "Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?"
Samantha: "I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit."

Later y'all!
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  1. Your blog is adorable! Thanks for following mine! I'm so excited for SATC 2!

  2. Thanks for the review! I had been wondering what the book would be like. The count is on! I cannot wait to see what the girls of SATC have n store for us!

  3. Thanks y'all! I am so excited for Sex and the City 2 too!!!

  4. Hi Miss Ashley! SATC2 is going to be amazing, I am just so very excited about it and love your review of this book!

  5. Ashley! Thank you for writing about the book!
    I think I am going to purchase can you pass up ANYTHING SATC?! Your blog has me soooo excited for the movie this weekend!

  6. Great review of the book girl! I want to read it now. I am so excited about SATC2- I don;t know what to do! LOL! I am a new follower, visiting from my friend Trish site. I love your blog layout and design and you aren't you just so cute! Hope you have a great day and talk soon!
    XOXO Jessica

  7. Thanks everyone! Y'all are so sweet!