Friday, May 7, 2010


So everyone has their quirks...I have a weird obsession with handwriting. Not anyone else's, just mine. If I write a letter and it looks weird, I have to erase the whole word and write it over...which is also why I write in pencil. I also really dislike whistling. I've never quite figured out why exactly it bothers me, I just know the sound goes right through me! Another weird quirk I have is that I really really dislike centipedes and millipedes...they are freaky. They have way too many legs that they do not need. I bet if they had half the number of legs they could still walk fine.

So Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo, which is not only a fun holiday, but also 2 months from my birthday, and 4 months from the start of football season! I'm looking forward to the summer adventures I have planned..."riding the river", a trip to the lake, being able to make a trip to Florida to visit my family, and the best summer tradition, a Dave Matthews Band concert! I love being tan and enjoying riding around with my windows down and the summer weather!

Later y'all
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  1. I like that you are already counting down to football season. I start getting crazed mid July. I pull out football recap DVD's and videos to hold me over until football season starts. August is all about planning my outfits for all the games! September, it's GO TIME!

  2. I am obsessed! And I see you are a Gator fan!! The best school in the South! Go Gators!!