Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Since it's been feeling like summer in Mississippi for awhile now, I've been ready to wear summertime makeup and nail colors since March! Pink is one of my favorite colors to wear, from eyes to lips to nails. Here are a few of my favorite pink products!

My two favorite nail colors are OPI's "Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot" from the South Beach Collection and OPI's "It's All Greek to Me".
Above is "Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot". It's a medium pink shade that is very summery and always seems to make my skin look more tanned! It has a coral tint to it and is the lighter pink color of my two favorites.

This one is OPI's "It's All Greek to Me". It's more of a hot pink shade than my other favorite. It also tends to have a purple undertone instead of a coral one.


Two of my favorite pink lip colors I actually got around Christmas and still love them. Both are from MAC; one is a lip glass and the other is a Suntint.
This one is the MAC "Nymphette" Lipglass. It's a gold-pink shimmery color, and is more of a matte lipglass in comparison to some others I've tried.
Above is a comparison of all of MAC's Suntint colors. I personally love the "Full of Grace" color. Its semi-shiny, very smooth, and is a really pretty peachy pink color.

This next lipgloss I actually received as part of a birthday gift that Sephora gave to it's Beauty Insiders. The gift came with three lipgloss colors to try, and I loved this one so much I purchased it in full size...
...the color is called "Rosy Glow", and it is a gold-pink shimmery color that is shiny and really really pretty. I actually would say this is my favorite of the three colors.


I am a huge fan of MAC's eyeshadows. For me, they stay on really well (I use Two-Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, which I swear by) and come in such pretty colors.
This one is called "Da Bling" and is one of the Veluxe Pearl colors. It shows up on skin as a light, matte pink color. I wear this lightly sometimes during the day, and it builds well for nighttime. I usually prefer shimmery eyeshadows, so sometimes I mix this color with a golden, more shimmery eyeshadow...

...such as MAC's "Retrospeck". This is my favorite MAC eyeshadow that I have. It is a lustre color, and goes well with so many other colors.


On a day-to-day basis, I use Clinique foundation, Clinique bronzer, and this:
It's MAC's "Smooth Merge" Mineralize Skinfinish.
It has three colors, a gold/bronze color, a dark pink color, and a lighter pink color. Mixed together, they make a really pretty blush/bronzer that make your face glow, and it also smells really good. I have also used these for eye color, along with "Retrospeck" and "Da Bling". I use Retrospeck on the inner third of the eyelid, Da Bling on the middle third of the eyelid, and the darker pink shade on the outer third of the eyelid. I then use a darker brown/gold color on the brow bone, and mix the darker pink color with it, and retrospeck as the highlight color. It's a pretty pink/gold look that I wear out to dinner or drinks. For mascara, I am in love with MAC's Zoom Fast Black Lash. It makes my eyelashes so long, but it can clump, so watch out for that.

I'm really excited for MAC's To the Beach Collection that comes out May 27th. What are y'alls favorite makeup products?

Later y'all!

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  1. Ooohhh such pretty choices!! I have never tried any of those!! I am loving that Retrospeck though!! I have to try that ASAP!

    Did you get a new banner?? I like it! :)

  2. I love Retrospeck! I definitely recommend it. I've had this banner for only a week or a little less so it is new :) Thank you!

  3. Oh now I want to go pick up some new summer cosmetics! I could spend a fortune on makeup and not blink. :) Love pink nail polish!

  4. I love OPI pinks!!! One of my favs is Dutch Tulips!

  5. Great recommendations and whenever I get a pedicure, I always go for a fun pink color. I may need to try “Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot”. I’ve been loving Strawberry Margarita lately.

    I love MAC and have never heard of the Suntints before. I’m definitely going to have to look for that this summer. It sounds like something that would be great to throw in my beach bag. MAC shadows are great and I find them so much more pigmented than others. The retro speck looks great and like it would blend well with other shadows.

    The MAC's "Smooth Merge" Mineralize Skinfinish sounds great as well and I’m always on the hunt for a good bronzer/blush that can be used on the eyes too. I’m adding this to my list!

  6. Thanks! I'm glad you like my suggestions! Strawberry Margarita is also really cute :) Definitely check out the suntints (its SPF 20) and the mineralize skinfinish! It smells really good :)