Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Mason Jar Accents

Wedding Wednesdays are so much fun! I'm still having a great time getting to participate in them and share all of my ideas with y'all! I love hearing everyone's suggestions and helpful tips so keep 'em coming!

Last week I shared my wedding colors: Fuchsia and Champagne-Gold.
Lots of weddings I've seen in magazines and blogs seem to have a theme. There are so many wonderful ideas. I think the overall vibe we're going for is Charleston/Carolina charm. Our save-the-dates and wedding invites will have the palmetto moon on them, as well as some napkins and maybe something included in the centerpieces.

The other element we want to include a lot of is mason jars! They are so versatile and will be a lot of fun to use for the reception!
I absolutely love the idea of dipping the bottoms of the mason jars in glitter. I want to incorporate this idea into our centerpieces. I'm thinking of using either gold or fuchsia glitter (depending on the tablecloth color) and using 3-5 per table and filling them with candles and magnolia flowers. I think that would be just so beautiful! And if you know me in person, you know I looovveeee glitter!
I definitely want to serve drinks in mason jars! I love the idea of having signature drinks. We are thinking of having Palmetto Brewing Company beer, muscadine wine, Arnold Palmers, sweet tea, lemonade, soft drinks, and having two signature drinks, one for each of us.
(I'd love to know y'all's opinions on this bar/no open bar...having unlimited beer and wine with two signature drinks, etc. Help!)
We could have a huge ice bucket with a palmetto moon on it and fill it with lemonade and sweet tea!
Zach and I can even have Bride and Groom mason jars for our drinks!
I'm definitely using this idea-using mason jars to display pictures of our families' weddings. I would love to have my parents and grandparents as well as Zach's family's weddings! These would be great on the guest book table.
Filling mason jars with favors is such a great idea! For a Charleston wedding, I'd love to fill mason jars with pralines and include some Charleston Tea Company tea strung on a ribbon around the top. I also love the idea of giving Mississippi State muscadine wine as a favor to our guests. I have to look into that!
How beautiful are lanterns hanging in the trees? At night this would add to an amazing atmosphere for an outdoor, Southern spring wedding reception. Mason jar lanterns would be even better!
These napkins are too cute! I would love to include these in our wedding, maybe at the cocktail hour!

All images are from my Pinterest board. Come see my board and click on the pictures there for the websites they came from!

Did you use mason jars in your wedding or go to a wedding that had mason jars? Please tell me any great ideas you have!
Do you have any advice for me for my wedding? I love any and everything y'all tell me!
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  1. Love it all!
    As far as the drinks go. I think it's really a budget thing.
    It would be cheaper to do beer and wine and 2 signature drinks.
    My hubby though would not have gone for that. He was DEAD.SET on an open bar.
    My Mom cringed at first but I told her we were willing to give up other stuff for it.
    I think it depends on your group of friends. If they are big drinkers do an open bar. If not.. beer and wine and the 2 drinks.
    Aside from ARnold Palmer's you could do John Daly's with the Firefly vodka! :)

  2. Oh my word. I love this idea, Ash! :) SO cute. There's so much you can do with mason jars!

  3. I love the mason jar idea, very southern! Great ideas!