Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First Wedding Wednesday: Color Scheme!

This is my first Wedding Wednesday y'all! I'm so excited to share what I've been planning (so far) with you!

So far Zach and I have picked out our colors, the city we'd like to get married in, a timeframe, a photographer, and have made appointments to see 5 different venues!

We are planning a February or March (hopefully March) 2013 wedding in Charleston, SC!

I made appointments to see The Charleston Place Hotel, The Renaissance Hotel, The Wickliffe House, Thomas Aiken House, and Lowndes Grove Plantation. We are also hoping to see the Thomas Bennett House (plus any suggestions anyone has!)

Last but not least: our colors!

I just love how fuchsia and gold-champagne look together! The colors compliment each other so well and look even better in person!
I love how bright and vibrant a pink wedding party looks!
Aren't these pink and gold cake pops fantastic? I love them! Maybe I should make some for my wedding!

These are my inspiration swatches I have at my house so far! I know they look really red/orange but I promise they are a fabulous shade of fuchsia in real life! My iPhone/lighting doesn't do them justice!

The fuchsia pashmina is just gorgeous! I love the color - it's EXACTLY what I had in my head. I picked that up this weekend and it will be awesome to have with me to match colors to!
I also have my fuchsia hair flower my sister gave me last year. I may wear it in my hair as my "something old" on my wedding day. It matches perfectly to the scarf!

The ribbon swatches are color samples for a waist sash I'm having made to go with my wedding gown!

And the mason jar invite (I REALLY hope my bridesmaids don't see this...I don't think they read my blog anyway haha!) is the invitation I'm sending to the girls I'm asking to be my bridesmaids! I wish I could show y'all in real life how fantastic everything looks together!

What do you think so far? Any ideas for a Charleston wedding?

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  1. Love that Mason jar invite!! So excited for you!

  2. How gorgeous! I love the combination of these to colors. That first image is the best inspiration picture! I can't wait until next Wednesday to see more about your plans!

  3. Beautiful :)
    You guys are on the ball!

  4. Oh I love Charleston, that will be amazing! Love the colors!

  5. how exciting!!! those colors are SO pretty together and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that invite to your bridesmaids, very creative!

  6. Omg! This is so exciting. Your wedding will be so beautiful!

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  8. Wow, Charleston will be amazing, we went there on our babymoon and lived it. We stayed at the Renissance, it was nice, but pretty small. You should add magnolia plantation to your list, the gardens are BEAUTIFUL we saw more than a few weddings there (we visited on 11/11/11) and there were lots of different venues it was great. It's a bit out of the city, so transportation could be an issue. There was also a cool venue next to Reds on Shims Creek- I thought it would be a great spot for a wedding or rehearsal dinner. I have a friend who is from charleston, I will get recs from her, too. Have fun and enjoy planning!