Monday, January 30, 2012

Back on Track! Monday Motivation

Happy Monday everyone!

I have had a chest cold/no voice almost all weekend! My voice is not pretty!
After work I really wanted to go home, order in, and sleep on the couch. But I didn't!
I motivated myself to stick to my workout goals and I'm doing the same for you now!
I ran from work to the gym (only about 0.7 miles), pumped some iron, and ran back to my office to get my things!
Running was tough with my chest cold, but I am really glad that I stuck to my goals and didn't give up and start the week off on the wrong foot. I ran 1.4 miles and did leg and arm weights as well as some ab exercises. Operation Fit Bride is here to stay!

Sticking with my workout today was not only a workout with my wedding dress in mind, but continuing with my determination for a healthier life. I struggled a bit with motivation after my second half marathon because I felt with no race in sight, I had no incentive to get moving. I do think those two weeks was a much needed mental and physical break. I recharged my batteries and while I still don't have any half marathons on the calendar for this spring, what better motivation is there to work out than my health?

I've come so far with my weight loss journey. You all have been there from the first day I reclaimed my life and started running again. Many of you have commented, emailed me, and tweeted at me with questions, advice, or a much needed good job! You have shared your healthy living journeys and goals, and I am here to remind you that you can succeed and reach that goal!

Not giving up on my workout today is just a small hurdle to overcome on a very mountainous journey. We will all face some obstacle that we have to overcome. But that is what makes the goal so much more worth it.

You can do this! Whether you want to run a half marathon or a 5k, swim a mile or bike with your children, learn some nutritious recipes or pledge to eat out only once a week, you can attain your goal!
Don't start on Monday to get your healthy lifestyle back on track, start at the next meal.
Don't wait for the free moment to work out, make the free time happen.
Realizing how you can achieve your goals is the first step in making them happen.
Make a healthy lifestyle exactly that - a lifestyle! You can reach the goals you have set for yourself! Every small step adds up to big leaps forward towards the ultimate prize. Even if it's as small as not skipping your Monday workout.
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  1. You can do it girl! Be careful with the chest cold though!

  2. Hope you feel better! And very inspirational post. Btw, if you have time, I tagged you for the 11 random things, the detail is in my post.

  3. Good for you Ashley! I knew you could do it! You are such a good inspiration! Hope you get rid of the sinus cold and get your voice back soon!

  4. Hope you get to feelin' better soon. Props to you for still runnin' while feeling gross.