Monday, January 23, 2012

No Race to Train For? Now What?

This is going to be a majorly honest post.

I haven't ran in 16 days.

I finished the MS Blues Half Marathon January 7, and aside from a 2-mile walk/run/interval session at the one day I went to the gym last week, I haven't taken a step since. I've gone to the gym twice, once each week. I've eaten whatever I wanted.

What the heck am I doing? I've come way too far to be sliding back into my old habits!

I think I was just plain old burnt out. I love running like crazy and I'm actually starting to miss it. But with nothing to train for, I just stopped doing anything. I have zero motivation to break a sweat. You would think summer, a wedding, engagement photos, etc. would be motivating. But I just couldn't force myself to go bang out even a mile.

I feel lost. I have no race to train for, no date on my calendar.

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have goals! I have big goals, actually. I want to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon in 2:20, I want to become stronger and more toned, which I think will help me become a stronger runner (Do stronger legs = easier miles? I believe they do). I have a pair of jeans I want to fit into, wedding gowns to try on, and my overall health to take care for. GET IT TOGETHER ASHLEY!!

Part of the problem may be adjusting to a new schedule this semester. Last semester I was working a lot from home since I was writing my thesis. This semester I'm back in the lab full time until May when I graduate. But still. NO. MORE. EXCUSES.

I'm NOT giving up. I guess I just needed a mental and physical break.

Since I don't have a race in the very near future (except for a fun St. Patrick's Day 5k), I'll be switching it up a bit and taking advantage of my spring "off-season".

I want to strength train two days a week. Monday and Thursday are looking to be best schedule-wise for meeting this goal.

Tuesday and Friday are running days. I don't want to lose my endurance, so I will be completing some longer runs, like 7-9 miles, as well as some speedwork sessions. I really want to get faster. I would like to run 3 days a week, with Wednesday or Saturday as my additional running day. I'd also like to incorporate yoga on one of these days that I don't wind up running, since I really enjoy it.
I CAN do this! I MUST motivate myself to stick to my goals that I know I can reach!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Tell me your tips and advice!

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  1. I slack off here and there too but I always remind myself how GOOD I feel after a workout. Mentally and physically.
    That gets me moving most of the time.
    Also, people may think it's goofy but posting sayings and notes on your bathroom mirror and fridge do a lot of good too!
    You can do it!

  2. I am planning on signing up for a marathon. But i haven't paid yet. So I haven't been running much!

  3. Sometimes you just need some time off...but you should definitely use this time to do more cross training versus running and then it will help you running improve.
    Sometimes you need to be away from something to miss it and then you appreciate it even more! Don't worry you have a good head on your shoulders and you are super smart, you just needed some time to decompress from all the training and racing!