Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Runnin' Bakin' Thursday

Today has been so busy-but a pretty good day overall!
I started out my morning with my long run of the week. Zoe and I did 10 miles! It didn't go as great as last week to be honest. I finished 4 minutes slower than last week, which isn't a huge deal, but overall I struggled more than I did last time. I had lead legs from mile 6 on. But you know what? It's ok! Eight months ago I could barely run a half a mile. So yay for 10 miles!

I have completed 40.7 miles so far in my 100 mile goal for December. I better get running! I have a 5 miler planned for tomorrow and I'm hoping next week to hit 25 miles for the week, plus a lot of walking for two of the days (big adventures planned-more on those tomorrow!)

I met Zach for lunch then we had to bring his car in for repairs. After a quick Walmart run we came home and began the laundry that has to get done today and tomorrow for our trip as well as some baking!

I baked three things:

Peanut Brittle:

Eggnog Cookies:

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies:

I'm giving my advisor the peanut brittle along with three little bags of coffee from Cracker Barrel. They have the yummiest sounding flavors: Gingerbread coffee, Pumpkin Pecan coffee, and a more traditional French Vanilla. I hope she likes it!

I made the other two types of cookies for a potluck lunch the chemical engineering department is hosting tomorrow. I hope to be able to try some other types of yummy cookies!

Off to watch Charlie Brown Christmas!

How was your Thursday?
How do you make yourself feel better about eh runs?
Have you baked anything fabulous lately?
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  1. Why do make such delicious looking cookies all the time!? And why aren't you in OK so we can be friends and share yummy snacks?? :) Congrats on finishing your ten mile run! It's so hard to keep going when your legs are telling you "I'm DONE." :)

  2. Good job on the 10 miles. Don't worry about the time, some days you are faster than others! Every time I ran 10 miles, I was just amazed I actually did it! Congratulations!