Friday, December 23, 2011

Beaches and Boston!

Thank y’all so much for the congratulations! I smiled reading all of them! We obviously haven’t planned a single thing but we know we will be looking to plan a spring 2013 wedding hopefully in February or March! I can’t wait to share the planning with y’all (and probably ask for advice/opinions haha) but for now we are just enjoying the holidays. When we get home let the planning begin!
Wednesday we slept in and then took a ride to Narragansett Beach. The weather was rainy but we wanted to give Zoe a chance to run around.

Zoe LOVES the beach!
She also pooped on the beach. We were taking pictures and turned around and there she was. We were mortified!

We also walked around the URI campus and then dropped Zoe off before heading to the Providence Place Mall to meet my mom for dinner at PF Changs! We walked around to a few stores then left and came back to relax.

Yesterday we went to Boston! Zach had never been and he was really looking forward to it! We met up with our friend Emily who is also a grad student at MSU and her brother.

Boston Common

Quincy Market! (with Emily and her brother)
We did some of the Freedom Trail from Boston Common to Quincy Market, looked in a few shops, then went to eat lunch at the Union Oyster House.


The food was delicious! Zach and I each had chowder and then we split an entree. The place was pricey, but REALLY good. I also liked how it seemed authentic and that they hadn’t changed much of the original structure.

After lunch we were headed to Sam Adams Brewery for a tour!

Our tour guide was incredibly funny and Zach really enjoyed the tasting. They gave us Boston Lager, Winter Ale, and an IPA to sample. I only had tiny tastes but I liked the Winter Ale best!
After Sam Adams, we went to Newbury Street to see some shops and decorations!

We walked around a bit and then headed back to RI. We are actually thinking of going back next week to see some more things we didn’t have time to see this time!
Today we are going to Newport to see the mansions and also to the URI-PC basketball game! I’ll have some picture for y’all tomorrow!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I heart Boston ! Great pics ;)
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