Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals and My Advice for Staying Fit Over the Holidays

This morning I set out on the first run I've had since Saturday. No lie, I was not feeling like running at all this week. Cold set in hardcore in MS, and while I can run in the cold no problem, the rain and 30 degree weather Monday and Tuesday was certainly not motivating.
Also, my advisor returned to work from maternity leave this week so I've been editing my thesis like crazy.

Off we go 5 miles or bust!
It was cold so I bundled up!
Zoe wanted to pose for a pre-run picture. Umm look at my forehead? Holy five-head. Good thing I don't walk around with this hairdo normally.
The first 4 miles was great. The last mile was awful. I'm not sure what happened but I struggled hard during the last mile. Bad run and barely any miles this week? GET IT TOGETHER ASHLEY!! You have a race to run in January!

Speaking of January...I have a list of goals I've made for myself to stay fit and committed over the holidays, even with traveling and holiday goodies (see yesterday's post on everything I want to stuff my face with).

Here are my goals:

1. Run 100 miles in December
2. Not gain an ounce. I'd like to keep on truckin with losing weight in December, but I also don't want to lead myself to disappointment, so my goal is to not gain a single ounce.

Here are some of my suggestions for staying fit and not gaining any weight during December:
1. Pick and choose your indulgences. For example, if you know you have your friend's holiday party on Saturday, make sure you eat healthy and at home all week so come Saturday, you can enjoy the party without beating yourself up because you've eaten out all week.
2. Check out the party food table, decide what looks most appealing, and eat that. I always do the once-over scan before serving myself. That way I can choose the things I want the most, enjoy them, and be done. Doing this allows me to indulge on a couple of treats, be satisfied, and not stuffed to the brim.
3. Go right to the gym after work, or before work, or whatever your normal routine. Keep yourself on auto-pilot to stick to your routine. Once you're up and dressed, you'll be more likely to go in the morning. If you work out after work or class, bring clothes with you so you don't have to go home to change and risk not wanting to go out again.
4. Sign up for a blog fitness challenge! You can win great prizes while having lots of people to hold you accountable. Check out Run with Jess's 12 Days of a Fit Christmas Challenge or Run to the Finish's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!
5. If you run or walk, sign up for a holiday 5k! Fun and keeps you fit!

I'm all about the holidays and enjoying my mom's Tollhouse Cookie Pie and gingerbread cookies. I'm also going to Boston and NYC in a couple of weeks and I definitely want to enjoy something new while I'm there. But you best believe I'll be running all December! I'm staying fit this holiday season!

What are some of your tips to stick to your fitness routine in the winter? Are any of you participating in a blog challenge? Anyone have a healthy Christmas recipe?
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  1. Thanks for your advice because I am feeling and looking like a whale these days. Interviewing has not been good to GB!

  2. I am definitely with you on your quest to stay fit over the holidays. I haven't run in more than a week. And I have a goal race in Jan like you!

  3. I have to watch it during the holidays too. Goodies that people bring into work kill me. I always eat a big salad or raw veggies.. before Christmas parties or any other event.
    Coats your stomach and you'll eat less.
    Also, I have made it a habit for years..but on the holidays.. even Thanksgiving.. get up and go for a run or walk.
    You'll feel better about yourself all day for having exercised on the actual holiday and eat less!

  4. These are good tips. The holidays are always so hard! And I super admire you for running in the cold. Yuck! I would rather run when it's boiling outside! :)

  5. Staying fit and Healthy is important for the health of the heart and organs that keep us functioning every day! Everyone can incorporate into a day!

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