Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Gameday weekend and Halloween! Friday after working at school MC, George, Matt, Kevin and I set up the tailgate then went to supper at The Grill in Starkville (Liza had to work). They have the best cheese sticks! Then Matt, George and I went to my house and carved pumpkins!
Matt and George discussing the different hues of oranges of our pumpkins.
Cleaning out the guts
Poor pumpkins
The Carving Queen haha. Btw excuse my outfit. I was cold and we were getting pumpkin guts all over us.

Liza made it just in time to see the finished products!
From left: Matt's "Beat Kentucky" pumpkin, my cowbell pumpkin, and my Bully pumpkin
Here they are again, but showing the other side of the cowbell pumpkin- MSU and paws

After Matt, Liza, and George left I baked for the tailgate and called it a night. Tailgate started bright and early at 8 am!
It was FREEZING at 8 am when we got out there. Pretty chilly fall day in Northeast MS!
Here are the pumpkins at the tailgate! Bully is dressed up like a ghost!
As y'all know, my fabulous Florida Gators had a big game Saturday vs. Georgia. Here I am cheering on the Gators from Starkville!
Girls at the tailgate
Matt and Liza

We were able to hang out, watch some football on the TV, and grill before we headed into the stadium! When I went into the stadium, the FL-GA game was 21-7. I had to rely on my phone to keep me up to date with the score! I about had a heart attack when it was 31-31 with 0:37 left on the clock! God must have known the Gators needed a win really bad! 34-31 GATORS!!! So proud for my orange and blue!!

Here's a video of our stadium at MS State before the game! You might be able to hear me talking! I hope my voice isn't as annoying as it sounds on the video!...but then again, no one sounds like themselves on video!
Pictures from inside the stadium!
3 Girls
Matt and Liza
After an intense game with some horrible play calling, MS State got a 24-17 win over Kentucky. Go DAWGS!!! 7-2 so far this season!! I'm so proud that MS State is finally having a great season!
After the game we headed back out to the tailgate to make smores and watch some more football before heading home. It was so cold out! Hope y'all had a great Halloween weekend!

Also as a comment from my post about cowbells and respecting traditions: I am in no way comparing the noise from a cowbell to a vocal cheer like Roll Tide or Pig Sooie. I know how loud cowbells can get, especially when you're not used to them (I had to get used to them too-remember I was a Gator first). It was just a post about respecting traditions. I was not comparing the noise factors.
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  1. GO GATORS! And yes, I will respect your traditions... but I might not ever respect our jorts!

  2. LOVE your pumpkin! Randy should prolley go with MSU or a cowbell next year instead of the M with State banner! Ha!

  3. We bought three pumpkins and didn't carve one. LAME! Oh well. Next year! GO GATORS!