Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salt Lake City/Sorry for my Absence!

I have been such an awful blogger lately! After being away for almost a week in Salt Lake City, I came back to piles and piles of work on top of the piles I had left here!
I have 2 exams to make up, homework, grading, research, another conference, an interview...so basically no sleep. This is pretty much how I feel:
I hope y'all understand I'm trying! :) I still try and keep up with your posts every night.

So last Sunday we left for Salt Lake City. The 4 grad students in my group (me, Zach, Erick, and Ersan) drove to Jackson together to catch our flight. Due to mechanical issues/Delta sucking as usual, we got split up. Erick and Ersan went ahead to Salt Lake City through Dallas (instead of Memphis like we were supposed to...they had presentations first thing Monday) and Zach and I got sent to Atlanta overnight. At least Delta gave us some sweet hotel rooms and upgraded us to first class! We had to get up by 5 to get back to the airport for our 7 am flight...which means we got up at 3 am SLC time...
Our view of the mountains from the airplane.
We arrived late, tired, and...
...COLD! It was only about 35 degrees in SLC! As soon as I realized how cold it was I started layering on clothes from my suitcase haha! Think Sanka from Cool Runnings when he arrives in Calgary :)
Monday and Tuesday were spent at the conference, listening to the presentations and also having some great lunches and suppers while we were out there.
I also got to see Caitlin all week! She and her husband moved to Oklahoma at the end of October for his next part of Air Force training so I hadn't been able to see her in a few weeks! I missed her!
Where the conference was held.
Wednesday our advisor let us have the day to see Salt Lake City. We ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen
Our desserts!
Saw the Temple City
The lab group in front of one of the big Temples...from left: Zach, me, Caitlin, Erick, and Ersan on the bottom
Caitlin and I in front of the Temple
Christmas decorations!
We saw an organ recital in the Tabernacle.
And did some shopping! I just loved being able to go to J Crew and Ann Taylor Loft!
Later that night we had our Wednesday night tradition of Italian food and ended the meal with Sambuca! (It's gross but part of the tradition...)
From left: Erick, Ersan, Zach, me, Caitlin, my advisor Dr. Walters, and her advisor from Clemson Dr. Hirt
Have a great week y'all! I'll try harder to be more consistent with posting! :)
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  1. My graduate classes have been so easy this semester! *Knock On Wood* However, last semester was pure hell. I know what it's like to be that busy, and it will totally pay off. Just be sure to take some you time.

    Also, I love your hair here. I think its your bangs that are so cute!

  2. So glad you had fun! :))) Glad you're back! We all understand that things can be crazy!!! Take your time and come back when you're ready! :)))

  3. Sounds like fun but the plane thing does suck!