Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adventure out West!

Tomorrow I'm headed here:
Salt Lake City, Utah!
For this:
National American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting
(my dad calls it the nerd convention)

I've never been to Salt Lake City so I'm really excited to see the mountains and maybe even do something like snow tubing or some shopping!
Have any of y'all gone to SLC? Any suggestions for me?

My posting for the next week may be kind of sporadic (kind of like this entire semester haha) but I will try and post a couple of times and take lots of pictures!
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  1. your blog is so cute! :) thanks for following on twitter! you can view my blog at! have a great weekend!

  2. Miss Ashley, you are going to love SLC. Go to Temple Square and to the Lion House Cafe. Now, I'm a little biased being who I am, but it is a fun place to see. Hope it is a wonderful experience for you.
    Enjoy the "Nerd Convention".