Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I colored my hair/need some advice!

I've been highlighting my hair for about 4 years now. My hair is naturally dark brown and it needed something to make it less mousy. After 4 years of highlighting, this past summer I decided to dye it brown. HUGE mistake, especially because I dyed it myself. So after I realized that was a huge error in my judgement, I had my hairdresser highlight my hair to get it back to blonde. However, since I dyed my hair, the blonde was more yellow than a pretty blonde color.

Before: Very yellow. Especially weird when I have a reddish skin tone. Not good.
After: My hairdresser added a LOT of lowlight to my hair to make it darker, and left some blonde in it so it would have some dimension. After the color chills out a little and is less yellow, I'll probably highlight again in the spring. Thoughts?
Also-I need some advice. I really need a diet/exercise program that works. I used to be a track/cross country runner but college and grad school has led to oh...about 60 pounds. I need a program that can be worked into a busy lifestyle. I don't mind working out at all, I just don't have that much time during the week. Any advice would be SOOOO appreciated.

Thanks girls!
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  1. I used to have (fake) blonde hair, got the bright idea to dye it brown myself soph year of college, hated it, dyed it back blonde myself, it turned ORANGE! then had to get it fixed and it was yellow..took a while to get it back to a good blonde... but now I have brown hair again. ah

    I love your "after" hair pic! it looks really good!

  2. i started the 30-day shred...made it about 10 days ha but i could definitely tell it was working, i just never got around to making it a part of my daily routine. you should try it though..because you only need like 20 or 30 minutes a day and can do it right in your apt/house!

  3. I love the hair! My boyfriend is very busy with the world's most bizarre schedule. He has been doing P90x vieos for about a week and loves them!

  4. I highly recommend the 30 Day Shred for people with a busy schedule. There are 3 workouts on the DVD that escalate in difficulty. Each workout is only 30 minutes long, and oh the burning!! Insanity also definitely works, but it's a bit more of a time commitment. Good luck!

  5. take the stairs, park further from the store, etc. Also, cut out ALL fast food and sodas. That will do it fo sho!

  6. I love your hair!

    I too use to be athletic, but I honestly put on almost 75 pounds from senior year in college and now as I finish up my Masters. I tried P90 and P90X and both are honestly for someone who is trying to add definition. I think P90X made my core stronger, only it is still covered in fat! I did Weight Watchers in the past and lost 30 pounds in less than two months and really enjoyed it, just got off track after a while. WW has re-done their entire points system and program and it is suppose to be released right after Thanksgiving. I'm going to sign up this coming weekend for the online only program. Let me know if you do. We can motivate each other! :)

  7. Your hair looks great! As far as dieting and exercise goes, seriously consider Weight Watchers. I never went to the meetings but counted my points and followed the program online. I lost over 30 lbs. before Gillian Grace was born and started it again once she was born. I've had success both times. The great thing is that you're able to eat pretty much anything, just in moderation. Makes eating out a cinch and it doesn't set you up for failure! For exercise, the Shred is good but so is walking. I walk/run and it helps tremendously!
    Oh and what a horrible end to the football season! What's with our Gators?!

  8. Hey girl, as far as a diet goes I really don't follow one I just make sure to stick to these rules and you will see BIG success in the weight loss department
    1. No sugary drinks
    2. No cocktails instead drink vodka/soda or low cal beer
    3. No late night eating (this means nothing after 7 or 8pm)
    4. Cut back on sweets or don't eat at all
    5. Portion control
    6. Eat the colors of the rainbow (lots of fruits & veggies)
    7. Drink 8-10 glasses of water/day
    8. SLEEP 7-8 hrs/day
    9. Don't eat processed foods/fast foods

    I have seen the best results when following rules #3 & #5

    Workout: All you need is 30 mins of cardio 5-6 days/week
    ex: treadmill walk at medium speed on highest incline for 20 mins, bike for 15 mins, elliptical for 20 mins, etc

    Hope this helps! xoxo