Monday, December 3, 2012

A Yoga-Filled Weekend

Happy Monday!
I had quite the yoga filled weekend!
Saturday morning, I started my day with a short 2 mile run before heading to the community yoga class at our local Lululemon store!
(Side note-how pretty is downtown Greenville? We have a beautiful park downtown and an amazing running trail/walkway)
The swamp rabbit trail runs through a large part of Greenville county and is available for runners, walkers, and bikers.
I love how there is a softer, rubberized running portion of the Swamp Rabbit trail. It makes it much easier on your joints while running! (It totally weirded Zoe out though!)

I love running through Falls Park and seeing the beautiful foliage as well as the gardens, bridge, and falls.

Downtown Greenville is so cute!
Ok, tangent about running in Greenville over! :)
After my run, I headed to lululemon for the class. They offer it most Saturdays and it’s taught by various yoga instructors from studios around Greenville. I love the variety and different styles of the teachers each week. I think it is so great for lululemon to offer this to the community (among many other community events!). While it is somewhat basic and appropriate for every level of yoga student, it is a great way to begin the weekend!


I spent the rest of Saturday around the house with Zach and his friend Scott watching football. That Alabama-Georgia game was intense!
Sunday I headed to Southern Om for a 75 minute hot flow class. I hadn’t been to a hot class before Sunday, and let me tell y’all-holy intense! I was dripping sweat. Literally coated head to toe and dripping all over my mat and mat towel. It was such a great experience though. It was really hard work and it had me concentrating more on the breathing aspect of yoga that I always seem to overlook and neglect during my practice. If you enjoy yoga, I highly recommend taking a hot class! Just make sure to drink a ton of water before, during, and after.
I have a Living Social voucher I purchased for another hot yoga studio that I’m really looking forward to using. 4 weeks of unlimited classes! I’m going to begin using the voucher in January since we will be traveling for a week for Christmas.
I started my week off with a killer Body Pump class! Between yoga, running, and Body Pump, I am a sore girl!
I’ll leave y’all with this picture from lululemon. It cracks me up! I definitely went both ways this weekend! :) Have a great week!
Have you ever been to a hot yoga class? How about a lululemon community class? Is yoga your thing or do you have another favorite way to workout?
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