Monday, November 26, 2012

Mississippi Bridal Shower

Yesterday, I had my first bridal shower!
The Baptist Women group at Zach’s family’s church in Mississippi threw me a beautiful bridal shower with all the ladies from the church, plus some of Zach’s relatives.

They set up the cutest decorations! I love the rustic look with the burlap and neutral colors.

I love the Mr. & Mrs. sign! Everything looked so pretty!

They had some sparkling juice and a delicious cake. Everyone was so thoughtful and spoiled Zach and I with such nice gifts! I was so floored with all we received! Everyone in Zach’s church is so welcoming and I appreciate all that they did for us with this shower!
The ladies of my almost-family! From right, my future mother in law, Brenda, me, my future aunt in law ( :) ) Beth (and the mother of our best man!), and my future sister in law, Emily (who is also a bride-to-be)!

All of the ladies from Zach’s family: his cousin Megan, his grandmother Lynn, sister Emily, me, Zach, his grandmother Grammy, mom Brenda, and aunt Beth.
Thanks everyone for throwing us such a beautiful and generous shower! We are so grateful for everything!
The shower capped off a great weekend! After a loooonnnggg drive to MS on Wednesday (I took a half day, we left at 11 AM central time and still didn’t arrive until 10 pm central time), we had a great Thanksgiving. Zach and I had our own Turkey Trot and ran a 5k around his town’s train junction. Then we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and had fun spending time with his family. I also got to go with Emily, Brenda, Grammy, and Emily’s future mother in law to see their wedding venue. Their wedding next October will be beautiful!
Friday we had a relaxing start to the day before heading to Jackson to visit more with Grammy and Poppy. We also stopped by a few stores and I finally found the latest issue of Southern Wedding!
Saturday started out great with a run and a Gator win. But MSU?! We got our butts kicked by ole miss. :( They broke my heart! How did your team do this weekend? How was your Thanksgiving?
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  1. I love your dress! It's so feminine!

  2. I love your dress! You look so pretty!