Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Christmas Tree is a Memory Tree

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite seasonal activities. It’s right up there with watching Elf and baking Christmas cookies!
The ornaments Zach and I have on our tree are so special to us. We make it a point to pick up an ornament at the places we visit and also buy any ornaments we see that correspond to a special memory we have or something we’ve done that year.

I love the “Merry Christmas Y’all” ornament since we live in the south! Same with the rocking chair ornament-so cute! And of course you know I have many Gators on our tree!IMG_0348
The top right is a very special ornament-our engagement ornament my parents gave us last year when we had just gotten engaged a few days before Christmas! The m&m ornament we picked up in NYC at the m&m store. I thought Zach was asking me if I was excited to go the m&m store (they are my favorite candy) but he was about to propose! ;) The South Carolina ornament is a new one this year since we just moved here in June, and the New York ornament is from our visit last December :)

All of the above ornaments are football or MSU-a very special place to us since that’s where we met!

Decorating the tree is so much fun! Definitely a trip down memory lane!
We’ve also had fun decorating the rest of our house as well!

Dining room table

Coffee table


Front door wreath

Even Zoe loves helping us decorate! That’s her posing with her “Zoe” ornament-a little black dog just like her! Even the ornament is running  just like she does!

How has your holiday decorating been going? Do you buy special ornaments also?
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  1. Aww love it! Our tree is a "memory tree" also! :)

  2. I love that your ornaments are sentimental! I have several ornaments that are sentimental to me too! I think it makes the tree more special when you have ornaments hanging that mean something to you.