Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Guest "Book"

When it came time for Zach and I to think of an idea for a guest book, we knew we wanted a non-traditional book, as well as a guest book that was unique to us.
After months of thinking about various ideas, I stumbled upon an Etsy seller that had created photo alphabets at several universities. As luck would have it, she had an alphabet for Mississippi State! We knew we had found a winning idea!
We chose letters that spell out WYNNE, for our new family’s last name.
I love that I know exactly on campus where all the photos were taken!
The W is Bully’s paw at the statue at the stadium
The Y is the goal posts at the stadium
The first N is the gates outside the stadium
The second N is the door at the entrance to the dining hall
The E is a Bully paw print near the stadium
We took the images to Hobby Lobby, where we bought a frame and then had them add maroon and white matting so we could put the pictures in the frame. We plan on having a maroon pen for guests to sign the white part of the matting.
I can’t wait to have this hanging on our walls as a wonderful reminder of our big day!
What is the most creative guest book you’ve seen? What did you use for a guest book at your own wedding?
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