Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Season Week 4: Mississippi State vs. LA Tech

Finally! A Saturday home game! Our game was a night game so I was thrilled we had all day to tailgate and also didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to tailgate before the game.

I started out the day with a quick run before getting ready for the tailgate and game.

I had on my maroon MSU running shorts for gameday.

(No, I rarely make the bed. I am ridiculously OCD about other things but for some reason I hate making the bed. No judgement haha)

This week it was a “blackout” (when are we going to wear MAROON??):

Zach and I in our blackout outfits. I have a maroon cami under my dress…kind of hard to see!

A close up where y’all can see the maroon!

One of the tailgating treats I made: chocolate covered pretzels with red/maroon sprinkles! So yummy!

Zoe girl had a great time tailgating as usual! She just cracks me up she’s so funny! She sat on the tailgating chair…

…in my lap…

…and in the middle of the cornhole game! Silly girl.

It was Amanda’s first tailgate at MSU!

We stopped by the Bagley College of Engineering tailgate for some free ice cream

and took some nerd herd pictures

George’s outfit was quite the conversation starter! Check out those pants!

After several hours of eating, playing cornhole and socializing, we headed into the stadium for the game

It was also Emily and her husband Eric’s first SEC football game/tailgate as well!

Go Dawgs!

MSU won the game against LA Tech 36-30…in OVERTIME. I thought it was a rather pitiful embarassing performance for a team who started out the season ranked #16…GET IT TOGETHER DAWGS!

UF had another successful game against Kentucky! Way to go Gators!! 4-0!!!

And another highlight of the day: Ole Miss lost (GTHOM) and so did Florida State! Clemson has just been AWESOME so far this season! Go Tigers!

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