Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Talk Football: Recap of Football Season Weeks 1-3

Y’all know how much I love football season! I can’t believe we’ve already been through 4 weeks of football! Time is flying!

Here is a recap of the first 3 weeks:

Week 1: MSU @ Memphis

MSU’s first 2 games of the season were away games! LAME! We had some friends over for the MSU-Memphis game to watch on TV and cheer on the Dawgs from Starkville.

Zoe loves having friends over. She wore her pink MSU bandana on the Memphis gameday! So stylish

Maroon family picture!

Zoe doesn’t always look at the camera so we ditched her for this one :)

Zoe and her momma. Self portraits were how we entertained ourselves during halftime!

MSU dominated Memphis and we started the season off with a win! Yay!

I was also thrilled to pieces that my Gators won their opening game vs. FAU on that Saturday as well!

Game 2: MSU @ Auburn, UF vs. UAB

This is obviously before the Auburn game, since we are smiling haha

Excited for the game to start. Go Dawgs!

Let’s just say the Auburn game made me pretty angry. I am the first to admit when one of my teams is outplayed and lost because the other team was just better. But that was not the case for this game. This game was an officiating nightmare.

Since when is a visible gap between the ball and the down markers a first down? At Auburn apparently.

After that disaster, we changed gears for the Florida vs. UAB game:

Wardrobe change! Go Gators!

Gator girls in Blue and Orange!

Teaching Zoe to Gator Chomp!

Little Gator family!

Florida shut out UAB and made the bad day much better. It’s great! To be! A Florida Gator!

Game 3: MSU vs. LSU, UF vs. Tennessee

Finally an MSU home game! I started off this Thursday gameday with a 4 mile run!

I only run on gamedays so I can stuff my face at the tailgate and not feel as bad about it later haha

This game was a white-out game, so we dressed in our best MSU white and headed to the Junction to tailgate!

Gameday! Go Dawgs!

Group shot! I was the only girl this game…good thing I had Zoe to keep me company and I definitely read a magazine in my tailgating chair in the Junction and could not have been more thrilled about it! I haven’t had any time to relax and read fun stuff in forever.

Zoe chowed down on a stuffed tiger…she’s definitely an MSU girl!

Zach’s crazy best friend Scott rigged up quite the maroon and white outfit, complete with tigers on a trident!

The Dawgs lost this hard fought game against LSU, who, if you ask me, definitely deserves the #1 ranking they have right now. They have impressed me this season. I was pleased with MSU’s performance vs. LSU’s crazy offense. LSU didn’t get a touchdown until the 4th quarter, and the final score was 6-19.

UF had a great game against Tennessee on the 3rd Saturday! I really enjoyed watching the game and seeing my Gators advance to 3-0! Go Gators!

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  1. I love that you bring Zoe to tailgates!! What do you do with her for the game?? Glad to see the Orange and Blue wardrobe change, I don't know how you cheer for two teams, one is all I can handle!

  2. GEAUX TIGERS FO SHO!! We're going all the way Baby! Screw Nick Saban!