Monday, January 10, 2011

A blog award!

First things first, I want to thank y'all for the sweet encouragement from my Resolutions post. Every response made me smile and I am grateful for the encouragement from everyone! Thank you!!

Ashley Lauren at Texas Prep and E gave me the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks ladies!! :)
The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers and
4. Let them know you gave them the award

Hmm 7 things about goes!

1. I have an outrageous fear of millipedes and centipedes. They have way too many legs and I would bet that they don't even need them all. Nothing is scarier than a millipede.

2. I have to have my toes painted at all times...I think my feet look freaky without nailpolish haha

3. I eat M&Ms every day. Even when I'm on a diet. I just count them out :)

4. My favorite drinks are Arnold Palmers (iced tea + lemonade) and diet coke with limes

5. I love Eeyore...I collect them and I just think he is so sweet even if he is a little glum

6. I'm quite crafty...I can make cards, decorate cowbells, make little canvas paintings, ornaments, all sorts of that I think of it I'll have to post some pictures!

7. I love headbands they are some of my favorite accessories! :)

I'm going to pass this on to everyone who reads this! I would love for yall to let me know you did it so I can read it!
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  1. i loved reading more about you girl, im a fairly new follower! you seem so sweet and headbands are one of my fav accessories too! arnold palmer yummmy!!!! i didnt know alot of people knew about it ha ha! Hope you have a fab day!!!!

  2. oooh my gosh..i hate those little icky bugs too... the more legs=the more freaky!

    i wanna see pics of your canvas paintings!!!

  3. Love that you eat m and ms every day!!

  4. Interesting stuff!!! I like Arnold Palmers too!!! Especially the hard ones. ;)

  5. I have to paint my toes all the time too.. Ewwww I can't STAND how they look without nail polish! haha
    loved learning more about you!! :)

  6. I love #5 ...I just count them out lol LOVE IT :)